Each and every one of us exists for a reason. I believe that purpose correlates with existence. However, there are many that exist but haven’t aligned with believing that they are here for a purpose. One of the reasons for unfulfillment stems from people not recognizing their inner power and their purpose that is always present solely because of existence.  Your existence gives purpose and adds greater meaning to life in the relationships you have formed.  Whether you are a parent, sister, brother, daughter, son, neighbor, friend, lover, or whatever it may be- you add purpose to the lives of those around you.

Purpose also aligns to a calling that can be discovered within, and I believe that once you have discovered that inner calling you can then begin to align it with the work you do and how you live your life. A purposeful life is a life of meaning, and a meaningful life comes from sharing your purpose, passions, and gifts with the world.  Sharing your purpose allows you to serve in ways that fulfill your soul all the while bettering those around you. You could open up a bakery, teach children, or offer guidance to someone in need – there are no limitations to the ways in which you can serve. A lot of people search for fulfillment to be presented to them as a gift, through a job status, according to their bank account balance, or in other ways related to the material world.  Because of this, the search becomes a never-ending journey that only leaves temporary moments of fulfillment.  However, if you recognize that your purpose is within and will never leave you, will never depend on outer circumstances, and has the power to bring that ultimate fulfillment you have been craving- you will no longer desire to be presented with something, instead you will be one who does the gifting to influence the lives of others.

Allow your inner purpose to align with your outer world, and that will lead to an abundant life. What gives us purpose has nothing to do with numbers, followers, or material items, purpose comes with existence and being able to align that which is within to connect with and serve others. God has gifted us to live a life full of presence and to be in tune with our inner world, and when you are aligned with your divine power you can reflect that outward. What ultimately drives and fills up our souls comes from being passionate about something and bringing those passions to life. Aligning with your purpose will always bring fulfillment.

Seek rather to be a blessing than to be blessed.

Originally published at https://www.marlenerjennings.com/blog