The most important ingredient to your healing is YOU

There is nothing more valuable to us than our health. But why is it that most of us don’t place a value on our health, being that it is our most important asset in life? Many of us discover this the hard way when our health fails us and we find ourselves facing a crisis. I learned this painful lesson when my health collapsed and my long and arduous journey to regain my health began. The years of challenges and crisis kept me a prisoner in my own body and mind and yet, even in the painstakingly difficult years to get healthy and become whole again, why was I clueless to how much I was doing to block my own healing and continue to sabotage my own health?

What many of us don’t understand is that healing is complex and has many layers to it. We are not one dimensional so neither can our healing be one dimensional. There are so many elements that need to be considered for proper healing to take place and most of us are not even aware of this. Healing is also a mystical process that requires us to examine ourselves intimately in order to make external and internal changes that will aid us in our healing. This is harder than it sounds because we will resist change because change is very hard and healing is hard work.

Over the many years, I learned a great deal about healing and my passion for healing began — a passion to help others heal and share all the secrets that I discovered. I am currently writing a book on healing where I provide many hands-on-tools to healing the mind, body, spirit, and life. The experiences I had taught me that we all have an enormous potential to heal — if we get out of our own way.

Even when we are faced with a health crisis, naturally, we would like to think that we will fight back to regain our health, but the truth is, most of us will actually get in the way of our own healing and oblivious to that fact. That great potential to heal that we all possess isn’t realized and healing may elude us. We can seek out the best doctors and therapists and take medicine, but that does not guarantee a successful outcome. Yes, we certainly need our medical professionals, surgeries, therapies, and prescription pills, but just as important is what I learned over the long and difficult years as the most valuable secret to healing — the most important ingredient to healing is YOU. Your role as a healer to yourself. To heal also requires our fully realized participation, hard work, drive, will, and sacrifice — that is when we become whole. To be whole is a healing journey in and of itself and sometimes illness manifests or our life is challenged in other ways as the catalysts we need to start the process of transformation at the soul level. Without this deeply transformative work, healing our mind, body, and spirit may be compromised.

It is difficult to know where to begin when our health or our life collapses and we are lost in an enormous struggle that seems impossible. My book will be your healing companion to take along on your journey to becoming healthy and whole. I will help you unblock your healing potential and show you how to start to heal yourself and your life.

I would like to share with you an excerpt from my upcoming book that I am writing:

Do I really want to heal?

You’re probably thinking this question is dumb — a no-brainer, right? Naturally, we all want to heal. In fact, I am quite positive that you just answered “yes” to this simple, straightforward question. Now that I have your answer, let me ask it again, but don’t answer this question until you finish reading this chapter. Or better yet, maybe you should wait to answer this question until after you finish the entire book.

The topic of answering the question, “Do I really want to heal?” is of the utmost significance and it is a huge topic to contemplate. To answer this, you will need to be really honest with yourself. And if you think you can deceive yourself, then you had better think again — you are only cheating yourself of real healing and growth as well as the ultimate victory — inner peace no matter what challenges you face or will ever face in your life.

There was a point in time when I was very ill — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually broken. Of course, I wanted to heal, but what I discovered through the chaotic and difficult years was that I was not “ready” to heal even though I wanted to heal. All of us want to heal, that is why we automatically will answer “yes” to the question “Do I really want to heal?”, but many of us are, actually, not ready to heal just like I wasn’t ready back then. In our logical, conscious mind we are ready, but deep within us, on a subconscious level that we cannot understand because it takes time and maturity for us to understand this, we are NOT ready to heal. Why? Because of what I have come now to understand about healing — that healing is not black or white, that healing is mystical and mysterious and not guaranteed, that healing is hard work that requires great discipline, sacrifice, surrender, courage, and change, that healing is about a deep transformation within us of something far greater than the physical symptoms that we are experiencing and wanting to heal, and that healing is a journey of our growth from living in an ego state to becoming spiritually awake as we reach the deepest part of ourselves in truth as we journey to our soul.

At one time, had I been asked the question “Do I really want to heal?”, naturally my answer would be “yes, I desperately want to heal” (as it would be at every moment of my life), but the deeper unconscious part of me that I needed to be my great ally in my healing was not quite ready for me to heal because I had no foundation beneath me or rather “within me” to solidify any real healing or transformation. It would be years later and after many extraordinary healing experiences that I would understand the enormous transformative healing and growth I would experience. There was so much I needed to learn about healing, about myself, and healing work I needed to do that was crucial to my becoming whole and allowing healing to miraculously work its way into my mind, body, and spirit.

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