Some signs are extroverts, crave attention, and an audience these are mainly the fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The air signs: Gemini Libra and Aquarius are also extroverts and feel good with conversation and relationships with people who understand where they are coming from.

These fire and air signs have outgoing or Yang energy.

The earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have receptive Yin energy. Earth wants to sense the environment before venturing forth. Water signs above all want to share feelings and since the prevailing feeling at the moment is fear and anger, water signs may need to retreat and isolate. Reaching out doesn’t always help as many people right now are fearful.

The following is a sign by sign guide to help you navigate through this unique period. If you also know your Moon sign, which outlines your emotional reactions, read the description for both signs. A person could be an Aries Sun sign with a Libra Moon sign. Both descriptions can give you insight….and if you don’t know your Moon sign email me at [email protected] I will tell you in a jiffy.

ARIES: Pioneering and impetuosity are your traits. You like to be with people and you take pleasure from physical activity. That person who nods to you as you jog by helps you feel connected to others even without physical contact. Go outside, move your body, and cheer on the other people who are doing the same.

TAURUS: Sensing the environment and being near trees helps you keep stalwart and calm. As the weather warms you will feel better. You tend to keep your circle of contacts small in general and connect with people you have known for a while. Telephoning may not please you. Listen to the sounds around you and be in or imagine you are in a meadow.

GEMINI: Chat, text, email, arrange video get-togethers a lot. Your Sun sign is the messenger and you need to socialize by means of all the devices available. If you are at a loss for words, sing a song and send it over the airwaves. Gemini is also very good at filtering information and understanding what is fact and what is fiction. Share these insights with people.

CANCER: The sensitivity of your sign can easily make you feel comfortable retreating into your imagination. Good books, films, and family all help you feel less lonely. If you live alone limit your intake of news and even FB activity. At night prowl around your home and feel the comfort of the darkness. Do not reach out to those having a hard time at the moment. You need your focus and energy for your own good humor.

LEO: Roar and lead in what ever way possible. You are an extroverted sign and want to spread your capacity for fun and joy. It is a drag to be isolated but you can spread cheer by laughing or smiling and cheering on the medical and other front lines workers. Social distancing doesn’t mean isolation for you; it means a smaller audience….perhaps virtual for a while.

VIRGO: Your nature is to serve others and boost others’ confidence. Numero uno, however, is to center yourself before reaching out. Virgo can have health and well being fears in the best of times; at the moment consider yourself first and then share your knowledge and grounded wisdom with others. Consoling, uplifting emails or texts are good ways to fulfill your service nature and keep connected.

LIBRA: Libra feels the lack of no parties or restaurants. But this airy relationship sign can imagine the near future and focus on the relationships that exist and wait for better times. Sharing anecdotes and keeping balance is the way to handle social distancing. Libra is the sign of the zodiac that links personal experience and its relationship to the wide world. Share your thoughts and write them down.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is the sign that maintains calm in the midst of crisis. Scorpio may retreat but is present and focused for friends and family. Scorpio knows that this crisis is part of a larger transformation that is pushing the planet towards evolution. People with this sign are patient and offer a profound understanding of the ebb and flow of world events. Scorpio doesn’t have to reach out. People who cross his/her path will benefit in whatever way communication happens.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius strides along encouraging everyone he meets. As long as people with this sign can walk, isolation is not a big problem. It is an inconvenience because the gyms are closed. Sag. knows this will pass. People with this sign radiate good humor and help all who connect with him or her to have a good laugh.

CAPRICORN: Well aware of the consequences, especially financially, of this crisis, Capricorn may need to take a break from her normal talent for structuring an experience and finding practical solutions. The minimal practical solutions we all know: wash hands, avoid crowds, keep social distance. As Cap. figures out ways to improve things, alone time to keep centered is most important. You will find what is necessary to do for yourself and your circle as we keep going up this mountain.

AQUARIUS: This unique sign is in a position to feel very optimistic as the future favors your inventiveness. The Age of Aquarius is coming and this difficult time is a wake up call for the old world to move to a better place. Social distancing is not a big hardship as Aquarius reaches out virtually and utilizes all the technology we have to bring groups together and communicate the best that humans have to offer: sharing.


Pisces needs retreat right now and social isolation is OK. The Pisces symbol is two fish tied together; one fish remains under the water compassionately dreaming about how to feel better and the other fish wants to help others. For Pisces this is not the time for activity. Be by the water, respond to family when necessary but don’t push it. Downtime now is essential.

These short descriptions will give you a feel for how to proceed as we move through this time period. It will pass and the difficulties that it has brought about are part of the deep transformation of planet earth. Pluto is the dominant planet here and the god of the underworld helps us let go of what is outmoded and no longer necessary. This period of time brings us all face to face with what is essential rather than what is habit.


  • Constance Stellas

    astrologer, author The Little Books of Self Care, How To Be An Astrologer

    Constance Stellas maintains a private astrological practice in NYC and is the author of 18 books on Astrology.  Her upcoming project is Tree of Keys a graphic novel feature 12 Astro Heroes who save the world with their own sign specific talents.