All answers are inside you. It is how you formulate them to the people around you.

My life is a constant singing. Every of my mood can be explained by the song I am singing/humming or that I am listening to. It is very easy to understand me. Desire of screaming of joy, crying of suffering, philosophizing about life, dancing like there is no tomorrow, questioning about the unequal balance & power of world countries. Willingness to revolutionize the world through Love, Solidarity, Honesty, Togetherness, of speaking about love and romance, and friendship, and family, and death. There is a song for everything, every-time, everywhere.

Traveling the world makes you realize who you truly are, and makes you see that your younger self, if you follow the line of your heart, is still the older you. Meaning, you changed because you met many people & you saw many places, but you stayed true to yourself. When you see yourself in the past, through photos, you can always tell what you were thinking in that moment and how you felt.

Your eyes are your Talisman. The Talisman, is an object that someone believes holds magic powers that bring good luck to the possessor or protect the possessor. If your eyes are pure, and are connected to your soul, they are able to see yourself as happy and positive, forever. In Italian we say “gli occhi sono lo specchio dell’anima”– the eyes are the mirror of your soul.

I learned to look outside, observe the world and try to understand it, but i always apply my lenses, my eyes to interpret it, therefore, it will never be objective. It can be as objective as possible when I just relate the story, the breaking news, the happening of the day, the facts, on the 24 hours a day work.

However, breaking news is different from the interpretation of it. The eyes of the people, your eyes, have a fantastic and diverse way of looking at things and of reacting to events. It is probably a good mix of education, culture and exposure at a early age. The people that you had contact with when you were young shaped your understanding of the world. Literature, history and constant reading of the world happenings shape your critical thinking and your “being in the world” at a later stage in life, from high school to university, all the way to working life.

Nothing is really right, and nothing is really wrong, it just depends on the circumstances and on the knowledge of the event. It is about perceptions and memories.

It is a very interesting moment in my life. From knowledge i am slowly shifting to heart, meaning that, in everything i do, i put my heart on it. The result is that i am happier and fully connected to my soul. The heart knows all the reasons, and it is the engine of what drives you to do things. Knowledge stops at some point. The Heart, however, is your compass. I think it took me quite a while to understand it, but i can still learn about me and my wishes.

When you know why you are in the world- understanding world issues, listening to people and serving others– nothing really stops your heart. On the contrary, you have a new, more powerful element in your existence: the flowing of love, like a river, that never stops because it permeates all your soul & your energy is channelled to your inner dreams. Dreams are true because you imagine them. And when you imagine them, they become Real.

Your eyes are the inner ones (the ones that see inside you) & they are the same ones who are giving you the key to understanding the world outside of you.

I see Fire (Kygo Remix)– Ed Sheeran

Unconditionally– Katy Perry


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