You can make three Wishes.

Aladdin 2019 Trailer

How many times have you ever dreamed of flying on the magical carpet of Aladdin and his loyal monkey Abu?

How many times have you called upon the genie of the lamp to make your wishes come true?

How many times have you identified yourself (both for women and men) in Princess Jasmine and her desire to be free from the kingdom of Agrabah and discover the world?


If there are three tips I could share as Living Life to the Fullest, after watching the modern twist of Guy Ritchie to Aladdin, they would be:

  • Reach out for your Dreams: When Aladdin first encounters Jasmine, he naturally helps her out and he is amazed by her beauty and kindness. He pursues his Dream of being romantically with her despite the difficulty of him not being a Prince (according to the law of Agrabah, the Princess can only marry a Prince); On the other hand, Jasmine’s Dream is wanting the best for the People of Agrabah: she has big aspirations for a greater Kingdom, ruled by Justice and Equality: in her powerful song “I won’t go speechless”, she finally shows the skills of a Leader by speaking up against the greedy for power of Jafar, the Sultan Grand Vizier.
Aladdin 2019 – Jasmine’s song “Speechless”
  • You have to take risks: On several occasions, Aladdin asks Jasmine “Do you trust me? ” This is a sentence we should say more to our friends and hope we can hear it from people around us as well: In this complex and ever- changing world, we need to trust one another more. We need to say things that our mind imagines, share our ideas, and, Together, find more solutions to the challenges of our century (poverty, economic inequalities, gender discriminations, acces to heatlh services, food and education).
“There is a whole world outside of books and maps….Do you Trust me? I can show you the World” (classic Disney song… I know you are humming it right now)
  • Be Yourself: On Aladdin’ s inner question of revealing his true-self of not being a prince, we understand that telling the truth is always the best thing to do. When we say what our heart truly wants, our wishes come true. People have an extraordinary empathic ability and they see through you. Vulnerable or not, we are all human beings and we share the same mortality nature.

The most moving moment of all was the realization of Aladdin’s third wish – see below -. To me, it brings about all the powerful force of Friendship and Freedom. Friendship is an abstract concept but very actionable and lively in reality, through words, presence and prayers. Freedom always lies- history docet – in our mind: how we perceive the world, and how we see ourselves in it.

Enjoy the movie!