Everyday life is full of practical, enlightened and reasoned technology and decisions, without which we wouldn’t enjoy a safe and comfortable standard of living. Is there is a time and a place to let go of common sense and to indulge in pure romanticism?

Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to embrace a romantic style without feeling impractical or unrealistic. It is, after all, a day where the emphasis is on emotion and the aesthetic experience.

If you’re dreaming about your romantic wedding dress, perhaps you’re wondering what romanticism means to you, personally. If so, you’re on the right track. The romantic style is characterized by the free expression of feelings and individualism.

The Romantic Style

Romantic thinkers emerged into popular consciousness towards the end of the 18th century, expressing their ideas through the arts, music and literature. It placed emphasis on the authenticity of emotions, and promoted the individual imagination.

Romantic originality is one of the core ideas that sought expression during this period, which also drew inspiration from nature. To get into the mood of the time, simply run through some of the most influential names that led the way.

In English literature, poets of the time included Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Byron, and Shelley. Their names alone conjure up a sense of expansive, lyrical ballads. Jane Austen’s novels were published at the peak of the romantic period.

Visually, it was a dramatic feast, with many artists leaving behind formal styles for more extreme emotional expression. William Blake and Goya play with emotional intensity. Music also made use of contrasts. Early composers in the romantic style include Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Mendelssohn and Berlioz.

How is the modern romantic style expressed in fashion?

Striking, statement looks that play with contrasts in colour and texture reflect the romantic era. Think flowing movement, extremes and contrasts. Extreme femininity is expressed in lace and floral designs, pastels and delicate embroidery. This is often paired with something to contrast the extremely soft femininity – a touch of colour or deep, rich texture. The overall look avoids stiff shapes or masculine silhouettes. It’s all about indulging the senses, drawing inspiration from nature and emotion.

You may think romantic design is all about frills and floral prints, but that would be a superficial take. Romantic style is truly about versatility. It’s about appealing to all the senses and expressing your own emotional insight. Blend and pair. Customize and play. A few polished accents can speak volumes.

Romantic Wedding Dresses

Remember that romance isn’t just sweet and coy, it’s also passionate and luxurious. Either of these extremes or a combination contrast of related emotions can extend through to your wedding dress for a romantic look that will have your partner and guests swooning at first glance.

Your wedding day – and the romantic style – is about heightened emotions. Don’t be afraid to feel feminine and seductive, charming, whimsical and dramatic. Tap into your own emotions to imagine all the options and choose the perfect fit for your own expression of romance.

What does romance mean to you?

You may have invested a lot of thought into what romance means to you, but you want the end result to appear effortless, chic and beautiful. Let’s explore a few of the ways that you can incorporate the romantic style into your wedding dress as a foundation to inspire your own creativity.

  • Dreamy and whimsical

You can create this princess effect with floaty silhouettes, soft, flowing shapes and subtle floral detail. Pair a ball gown silhouette with a sweetheart or off the shoulder neckline for contrast. Consider draped chiffon or satin ruffles for a soft texture. Match it with soft, flowing waves in your hair or soft braids adorned with delicate, floral hairpieces.

  • Seductive and alluring

Try a more structured bodice and elegant flares. A fit and flare silhouette with a halter or illusion neckline and long or ¾ sleeves hints at underlying charm. Add a shimmering, beaded belt or keyhole back detail. A pixie cut hairstyle or updo with an intricate tiara tops it off.

  • Passionate and luxurious

Go for a sheath silhouette with some rich texture. Think flares, appliques and open backs, extravagant flowing earings against swept back hair. Or go with partial updos and layers of curls adorned with sparkles.

Mix it up for your own, original romantic look

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Romantic Wedding Day Brides and Guests

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