Imagine a day you wake up and realise you have only a week to live. What would you do? How would you react? Would you cry or panic or dance? There are many possibilities of responding variedly to this situation. Every person has a different perspective when asked this question. We see our lives in our eyes uniquely and the sudden bombardment of the words: one week to live, brings anxiety.

I had to think a lot about this. I too have a bucket list of places I want to go throughout my life. However, not all can be completed within such a short span. So, if I had a week to live, I would choose a place or instead places where the last moments of my life can turn into a living paradise. Places where I can fulfil more of my massive to-do-list and create a beautiful memory before life ends. And I would most definitely make use of the coupons on to avail a lumpsum travel discount and shed more on the food or probably shop extra!

Everyone has a place called ‘Dreamland’ or a place they have always wanted to visit, at least once in the lifetime.

Out of my favourites, I have a few listed down with the primary reason to go if I had a week to live.


Greece is the most popular tourist destination and has thousands of islands with magnificent natural beauty. Greece’s endless cultural pursuits and the huge festivals throughout the year make me want to go there. Although I am less of a foodie, the local Greek flavours are a culinary adventure. Meteora is listed The World Heritage rightly as it is an extraordinary place which greets the eyes and calms the heart. The geological sculptures of Meteora are visible from anywhere in Kastraki. The sight is paradise on earth. APart from the most visited places in Greece like Athens, I would love to explore the Navagio Bay and Santorini Island away from city life and far from chaos. The peace of mind found here is something unexplainable. The buildings in Greece are all sculpted into a beautiful carving painting the country with an ancient history. Acropolis, Olympia Town, Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, there is so much to do and watch in Greece. No justice is done if one doesn’t visit this place in the last days of life!


Brazil is a vibrant country with powdery white-sand beaches and lush, dense rainforests. The attraction here grows from landscapes of Rock canyons, massive waterfalls and vast biodiversity of animal and plant species on earth. Oh, and I want to see the pink Dolphins (just bucket list things), sea turtles, scarlet macaws and all the animals inhabiting in Brazil. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is a white-sand desert with seasonal rainwater lagoons, and the long stretched landscaping view encompasses roughly 1500sq.Km almost seems out of the world. Apart from Rio de Janerio and Salvador, I prefer wandering in the thick Amazon forest with countless species of exotic animals, birds and plants. The country brings up the incredible culture North America is known for, amongst the many other like its gorgeous beaches, tasty food and the sheer geographical scale and massive diversity.


No place on earth like Iceland, a Nordic Island country of Europe. The country hits the heart of every nature lover with its immense landscaping natural beauty. The isolated island country treats you with clean air and cinematic view and ice-covered volcanoes. Numbers of geothermal lagoons; a dip in the Reykjanes Peninsula and you’ll be soaked in love for the country! The glittering glaciers at Jokulsarlon and nights of camping in Vatnajokull National Park will melt the hearts of all cold souls. I guess there are so much love and peace in the air; that’s how the vibe fuels the highest number of renowned dreamers, authors, artists, etc. all in Iceland. This would be my only chance to gaze the Northern lights and drool over the jewel of Atlantic.

I am well aware I would never be able to cover all these places within such a short span of time. But, there is the slightest possibility of attaining peace when I visit at least a few of the above. Though, the thought of one week to live gives me shivers down the spine. There is a lot to see and explore out in the world, and our entire life would fall short if we begin even at this very moment. Make full use of what you have today, travel, discover and cherish the beauty around before you regret and say on the deathbed – I should have gone there!