“I don’t have time to relax!”… I hear you say. Being busy and running on adrenaline induced stress seems to be the lifestyle that sustains the city.  Before you are fully aware, the signs of burn out start to take their toll. You have daily work commitments – whether that is going to a place of employment or you may have family members to care for (young or old), or you are an entrepreneur running your business.

Physical activity is a way to manage everyday stress and tension, for example going to the gym, taking a run, riding a bike. These are great initiatives but can be lost again in the busy-ness. I have even heard friends say “I have to rush, I am on my way to ‘do’ a yoga class”! The consumerism around yoga has sadly seen the decline in what is known as a ‘yogic life’, a life of living in the present moment, being grateful for our breath, acting with compassion and thankful for our health.

I also hear in conversations “I am soooo tired!” and when this is countered with – take some time-out to relax, the immediate response (again) is “I don’t have time to relax!” It seems being busy can be a self-imposed badge of honour, or is it another form of status symbol – big house, flash car, “what are you up to darling…” oh – busy, busy, busy…! ?

This frenetic energy may be masking some deeper need that is unfulfilled. Find your inner peace through increasing your self-awareness. Make time to do nothing and just ‘be’.

Discover the true essence of who you are through quiet meditation, sitting in a park or staring at the ocean. Whatever brings you peace, create this restorative time for you.  Feel the calm, warmth and sense of lightness.

“Being” at a slower pace will be noticed by others. Ironically you will become more productive as you start to focus on what is important. I

Your inner glow will reveal itself, and friends will want to know what you are doing differently.

I also suggest the application or diffusing of an essential oil blend to help calm busy thoughts and create a sense of balance and wellbeing. Try the following:

Bergamot – uplifting and promotes wellbeing

Ylang Ylang – reinforces confidence

Palmarosa – gives a sense of security

Cedarwood – calming, harmonising and soothing to the mind.

As you inhale the aroma silently repeat:

“I feel perfectly grounded to my path and life purpose.”

Yours in harmony,


(Check for any allergies or contraindications when using essential oils. For example avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy, and seek guidance from your preferred wellness practitioner.)


  • Julie Timmins

    Author, Aromatherapist, Time Line Therapist, Massage Therapist, Meditation Facilitator

    Life Enhancement Factor and The Aroma Coterie

    Julie’s career covers more than 30 years across a broad range of industries including - information technology, manufacturing, professional services (legal), aged care and retail. Life Enhancement Factor is an innovative, holistic lifestyle range of services that support you by allowing your mind to gain freedom from any level of self-doubt or insecurity, to embrace new levels of confidence and personal empowerment. Services are conducted in a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment, where you can realise your ability to take control of life's challenging situations, and reach your highest potential. Julie assists you to overcome self-sabotaging thought patterns. With renewed self-awareness you are on the path to achieving your goals. At the Aroma Coterie, Julie will guide you to experience a state of total mind, body & soul connection, by using a unique mindfulness approach to aromatherapy and massage. Aromatherapy clinical consultations will support you to achieve your optimal wellness goals.