I am referring to the active force within all of us that allows us to perform at an unimaginable scale, that allows us to muster an uncanny amount of mental, physical, and/or emotional strength. It is the force that dwells in a mother who is able to lift a car off her child, the force that enables a person who is told they will never walk again to walk, the force that Hellen Keller who was deaf and blind to become an activist, politician, and prolific author, it’s the force that transformed Frederick Douglas into a public intellectual and activist after having lived the first half of his life as a slave.

This force (your will) is often underestimated and blunted by excuses we make. Whatever barrier you’re facing can be overcome with your will. We can no longer equate our problems with who we are…if you are without money, your poverty doesn’t define who you are in totality. It merely describes an external circumstance but internally aren’t we so much more? When we realize our internal value which has nothing to do with our external value or circumstance, then we can begin to exercise our will in a way that will create opportunities for success.


  • Khalif Ali

    Activist, Writer, Social Worker, Organizer...maybe an aspiring artist (stay tuned)