Born in Bhopal, raised in Indore Annanya Joshi is a budding entrepreneur who has achieved various awards from organisations like WWF for presenting the ideas for minimising the plastic usage.
From an early age, Annanya has an orientation towards the betterment of society. She used to dream with her open eyes about doing something that will contribute to the people in need. Who knew that one day those she’ll be able to live them in her full senses.
When people start enjoying their life Annanya decided to work for society; when people slept she worked; when people binge-watched Netflix episodes she kept a watch that people got two meal food to eat.

Annanya Joshi the founder of ‘POWER OF WOMEN’ has given life to more than 160 women that were in her reach. She always had the intention to make the rural women rise up from the girth they live in. She has always been a person who works on the roots hence she knows how deep the misbeliefs in the society are. Illiteracy, lack of opportunities and other problems like unsupportive family and drinking habits of their husbands have made those women pay either in the form of being caged or being silent of the domestic violence they go through in the shade of ‘stress’. Annanya has provided the source to earn for such women in need, she became the voice of them when the world got deaf in the cacophony of money in the name of feminism, she became their sight when the world turned blind for their problems and she became their support when they don’t have any. Talking to her and realising her simplicity reminds of a Doha Kabir Das once wrote,
Which on English translation means ‘Know the mind as a mecca, heart as Dwarka and the body as Kasi. The body has ten doors wherein the God resides in the soul’

She never said that her journey was easy but she never felt it was impossible. With a team of 7-8 individuals, she started to work on something that makes her a sustainable businesswoman for future and moreover, a beautiful person.