There has been a steep climb in the depression rates in major countries of the world and the point of focus is that many of them are not getting attention. It is very a normal to experience all the blues of life, the ups and downs of the routine, but it is something which the youth is taking in a different zone.

We all face one or the other thing or certain changes in life either mentally, emotionally or physically and it goes with us in different conditions of life. Today’s generation can be best described in the extreme stage of drama and intense feeling; I guess being moody and anguish has become an old truism.

It has been analyzed from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health reports that mental illness is tremendously increasing in adolescents.

What are the things they are taking seriously?

1. The rejection, impractical academic, social and family tensions lead to severe disappointment. Being in the youngster age we often feel stressed and confused. But that doesn’t mean that you surround yourself with negativity.

2. Today’s teens focus more on bad deeds that happened with them instead of realizing the good one happened with them. In schools, in colleges and in job time small- small issues lead to huge disappointment.

3. Bullying; meanness, unwanted contact, misunderstandings, unsupportive people; I mean the things for which they should be least bothered they are paying much attention to it.

What are all things leading them towards depression?

• The Internet is excessively harming them and they are learning more and more of irrational info which is somewhere leading to great harm.

• Any developmental problem, family stress, powerful academic pressure, fewer opportunities to explore themselves freely; hindrance in problem-solving skills: these all are taken too seriously.

• Unhealthy use of social media can hamper them emotionally, where they interact with unknown people and damage them mentally.

Different countries with the depression rates:

New Zealand: The country of fresh air and natural wonders is suffering from low moods; totally with 17.8% depression

Netherland: The country where the quality of life is offered is facing 17.9% depression rate.

Brazil: The country famous for gorgeous women and carnivals is with 18.4% depression rate.

USA: World’s largest economy which is always ready to meet different challenges is facing 19.2% depression rate.

India: The country of cultures and colors, where diversity of living is at heights is also witnessing the depression rate at great level by 20.9%.

France: Amazing food, renowned fashion and the country where life can be lived at best are highest in mental health and totally 21 % is the depression rate.

This is a very serious concern which needs to be checked properly. There is a certain level of changes which can be observed to determine what condition the child is facing. Few of them are:

1. A little mishappening means a bad day and what they do the best is by maintaining distance from everyone, by being nervous all the time, losing self-confidence, being panicked at little issues, cranky mood and contribution to low mood.

2. The world seems to be the terrible place and everything bad that can happen; happens with them, frightening news, serious problems, relationship matters, we don’t know how to deal with them, we scare ourselves and these are the changes which can be immediately caught in the child.

3. This alarming rate needs to be checked and can be recognized with the Poor performance, Withdrawal from friends and activities, sadness and hopelessness, lack of energy, anger, and rage, overreaction, unable to satisfy, restlessness and over thinking, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts.

This adolescent pressure and the different gender issues are like a big bang.

Girls issues: about the looks, about the body, about standard, environment, that’s not reality; depression among girls is double than boys.

Boys issues: too much adult videos, video games, relationship with girls that too in different types, getting isolated and

Suicide rates have been increasing at such a rapid rate because they don’t value that how important their lives are and what importance they hold in their lovable lives. They really need to change the mindset in which they need proper guidance and help so that they can more strongly understand the changes they are experiencing. Parents or caregivers must take action.

How can they deal with the pressure?

By making new friends: Change your peer group if it is not good. Try to make new friends who guide you the right path and make your live gleeful.

By involving in different activities: Don’t isolate yourself, involve yourself in different activities and fun games; I mean keep yourself busy.

Join different organizations and clubs: Be fit and healthy; join a gym, yoga, and aerobics which will make your mind, body, and soul stress-free.

Ask your parents to help: Changing environment is the best thing which parents can do and by regularly supporting the children in all good deeds. If you seriously want to change the environment, you can change your locality and housing.

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Depression is a major public health problem contributing to significant morbidity, disability as well as transience, along with significant socioeconomic losses. It has impacted several of lives and it is important to address it.