Yung Pueblo, an American poet, meditator and successful speaker, is a champion of the new generations who believe that only inner transformation will bring about collective healing and global peace. An inner journey, “poems from the soul,” to transform oneself and see the world changed. New York Times bestseller. Yung Pueblo’s writing, a true phenomenon across the Atlantic, touches the heart of the soul, transcends concepts, and turns the way we see and act in the world on its head.
With direct simplicity, he invites us to recognise and appreciate the person we indeed are, to heal for ourselves in the manner of the wisdom masters of the past who, with a few words, gave access to inner liberation, peace and happiness. “Peace makes you strong, hatred reveals your inner emptiness, Kindness nourishes your happiness, Anger translates your fear, and love makes you free.”

The poet of the new generations;

“our inner work promotes ;
The collective advance towards a better world.
Each one makes the other stronger.

The expansion of self-awareness;
Which leads to collective action;
Is the medicine this earth needs.”

What happens when we take the time to know and love ourselves?

First, we find a little more clarity through which our bonds of friendship and love become more authentic and fruitful.

In this collection, Yung Pueblo reveals this bridge between inner work and outer harmony, inviting individual freedom and growth reflected in our interconnections and the world.

“The goal is not to heal ;
To begin to live.
The goal is to embrace healing;
To see it as a lifelong journey;
And to allow authentic connections ;
To emerge naturally;
Along the way.” Close

Diego Perez is a meditator and #1 New York Times bestselling author widely known on Instagram and social media networks through his pen name Yung Pueblo. Online he has an audience of over 2.9 million people. His writing focuses on the power of self-healing, creating healthy relationships, and the wisdom that comes when we genuinely work on knowing ourselves. His two books, Inward and Clarity & Connection, were instant bestsellers. Diego’s third book, Lighter, debuted as a #1 New York Times best seller.


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