At the present time , Tiktok has been widely spreaded on social media. It’s operated by the chinese company called bytedance wich also owns Vigo Video App. Tiktok has became a great platform for teenagers, models, actors and other college influencers to make a large digital name and fame of themselves. Like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat -“Tiktok” is also in true global scope.

Meanwhile, in the context of Nepal We can found many public figures which are engaged on TikTok and has got huge popularity. Yuni Ale is cyprus based multi-talented tiktok user from Nepal. She is widely recognized on Nepali social media through her outstanding expressions and acting which can be found on her videos. She share short videos of herself acting, dancing, lip-syncing or doing other regular tasks. She has got around 168k followers on Tiktok and 47 thousands followers on Instagram which is not bad to be an tiktok Sensation.

She entered into Nepali modeling with her first music video “Timi Nai Chau” which is her most ambitious project yet! It’s helped her to gain recognition & success in — fusing the mind of a storyteller and producer together to create a romantic love tale of survival. She has also played on one short movie. Beside of her modeling career, she is a professional registered nurse. As of now, she has appeared in numbers of music videos and one short movie.


  • Prakash Neupane is a singer, writer, poet and rap artist from Nepal. He is also engaged in writing, blogging and journalism.