“Change has to start somewhere. And even if it’s a little uncomfortable at first, it’s worth it. Maybe it’s time we all changed. Just a little bit. What we can. Where we can. Before it’s too late. If we focus our energy on working with nature, rather than against it – look at how much ENERGY we can get in return.”  

Zac Efron

Zac Efron’s Netflix show Down to Earth is really fascinating because it was filmed in a pre-covid world. 

And now everything’s changed. Nature is applying far more pressure to us now. 

Before the pandemic we didn’t understand that we must suit ourselves to nature. So nature needed to take harsher measures.

It’s interesting to watch the Costa Rica episode about a swanky eco-village because nature is bending us to become a more integral, unified, and cooperative society. 

Ultimately, the solution lies in creating environments that promote positive human connection. 

The virus will change according to our progress. So the faster we change ourselves and our environment, the more we will feel how beneficial this is to stopping the virus.