Like most other sportsmen, Zahid wanted to succeed and make a career in Football apart from music being a hobby. Hard work and consistency, he claims is the key to his fortunate journey. He claimed that he owes his success to his hardwork. On his journey, he had his fair share of joys and more than a few setbacks. But he never gave up and pushed himself harder and stood up on his feet back again.

Being the leader of your team, having a strong vision of success is essential to be a great coach. To move the game strategically forward you must focus on the opponent’s run. Being a Football coach is more of a stressful journey rather than being a player. On this thrilling journey, few successful players are hardly expected to end up being fine coaches. Coaches train players and make them reach heights they never thought they could. They help players push themselves to step outside of their comfort and grow. They bend themselves and juggle up their mind to reach solutions that truly help their team gain greater results.

One such compelling personality is of Zahid Shafi. HeĀ is football head coach at Real Kashmir Football Club for U18, U15, U13 and reserve and technical director Etihad FC Pampore. The 28-year-old focussed on all-round development of players and strategies that brings his team forward. Being a former footballer at his time, with the fact that he’s well aware about the point of view of a player, he has undoubtedly changed the style of old tradition coaching, he is the man to bridge the gap, creating new techniques to push players beyond their limits. Having his hands on music as well, he is eager to expand his talent in the music filed. Zahid Shafi who is currently training locals from his area as well apart from his club makes him a worthy coach to be on my list of top 1.

When time was not favourable to him, he fought all the odds and took that as a token for strength and motivation to continue to put effort into his career and achieve more. Negative feelings and emotions can effortlessly take over during the hard times, and before we know it, we begin to feel sorry for ourselves but becoming a successful coach means balancing your emotions and strategies and not letting them take control over the right decision made for the team.