When I look back, I could never envision how one thing would lead to another, but I am glad it did. Two women, whom most likely, I would never have met otherwise, were introduced to me during the pandemic. How did this happen and what was the outcome?

Let’s go back to the beginning. A friend was interviewing the lovely and accomplished Zane. She is an internationally published children’s book author. I happened to be there during the interview and knew I wanted to connect with Zane. Not just because of what she has accomplished, which is extremely impressive, but for the beautiful person that is Zane.

She has this passion and energy that is contagious!Connect we did and she was excited to be a guest on Rapping with Dr. Jacalyn®. She booked her session and we were both looking forward to it.In addition, she introduced me to a friend of hers who is also an internationally published children’s book author. Lady Diann.

Oh, Lady Diann! What a true gem and treasure!. I was not surprised because Zane is also gracious and angelic! Diann and Zane are both Texans and have that down to Earth quality and love for others.

Zane is a filled with energy and her love of children. She loves life and loves to give back. She was friends with Diann and trusted me as she introduced us. Zane is a beautiful person, inside and out! Thank you Zane for the introduction to Lady Diann.

Lady D came on the show and her big, beautiful heart was open! Continuously offering to make connections, to help in any way. I had no idea how one human who had never met me in person could be so gracious! And so she did make introductions. I could provide a list of people I now know because of Lady Diann. There is Red, Reid, Rachel, Alan, just to name a few…She is also a fantastic co-host!

But, there is more…Diann knows and understands loss. She is a real down-to-Earth person. Regardless of what she is going through, she never says; “not now”, “not today”, “I am unable to help right now”, “I have too much going on”. No. Never. She is ALWAYS there. Reaching out. Regardless of what she is going through.

How do I thank her for her selflessness? For her generosity? For her compassion? For her love of others? For her support of me? I am truly humbled. I am truly grateful. Lady Diann! You have forever changed my life! Everyone who has the fortune to meet you is better off.

You are an incredible wife and mother, a gifted storyteller, teacher, singer, illustrator, author, speaker, but most of all, one of the finest human beings I have ever met.

Thank you for being my friend Zane and Lady Diann. I love you both. ❤️ Keep shining your light ☀️

When we open our hearts and minds, someone incredible, something amazing can come into our lives. Let every one of us connect with one more person. Let us be open to helping others to sharing our stories. The outcome, the positive energy, the opportunity to go where we could not have imagined is up to us.

I hope you find your Zane and your Lady Diann ??