The following selected excerpts from the book ZAPPED are intended to be read with reference to THE ENERGY FIELDS OF THE HUMAN BODY for a broader understanding which can be gained by finding correlations between two unique perspectives. Naturally, there will be expanded benefit from reading the full text of both titles.

ZAPPED is a book by Ann Louise Gittleman, an award-winning health pioneer, one of the top voices in health today, while THE ENERGY FIELDS OF THE HUMAN BODY is from lecture notes by Manly P. Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) who was a Canadian-born scholar and philosopher. The first few paragraphs of the excerpts from Manly Hall set the deeply spiritual tone of his perspective while ZAPPED could be said to approach the same general subject of electromagnetism from a sensory perspective.

In my explorations of electromagnetism I have concluded that simpler and more natural is my chosen course. I continue to experiment with BWE (brainwave entrainment), TENS, the 9 elements of empowerment and natural magnets in my passion for a vision of communication and cooperation between humans and networks of conscious electrons; developing frequency awareness; and living from non-specific Void consciousness. Surprisingly, in Ann Louise’s book I found correlations.


‘Quick. Look around you. What is the most fascinating high-tech thing you use? ….

‘With all the latest technological innovations, you may be hard-pressed to come up with your personal favorite digital or electronic appliance or wireless gadget. The truth is, nothing man-made even comes close to the wonder of the human body as an exquisitely tuned and sensitive electrical being.

‘You might be surprised to know that everything your body did today was made possible by electricity. The organic computer, known as your brain, that runs the whole show emits waves that are electrical. All the sensory information (like hunger and pain) it sends and receives is electrical. This includes the neurons that discharge when you move a muscle, the signals that tell your body to heal a wound, and even the beat of your heart.

‘In fact, the electricity that facilitates the heart is produced when charged increments of energy — known as ions — flow through the heart and cause contractions. You may remember these ions — calcium potassium, chloride and sodium (which are especially high in conductivity). They are found on that Periodic Table we learned about in high school science. Well, every one of the elements on the Periodic Table carries an electrical charge, so we are, in a very real sense, electrical brings in an electrical world [emphasis mine.]

‘…. Every single electron, cell, tissue, and organ in your body carries a very specific frequency or range of frequencies — an electronic signature that can be measured….

‘So, it is time to think of yourself as much more than a physical being. You are an energy being as well. And you are the most fascinating high-tech ‘machine’ you use on a daily basis!’


‘Doctors of Oriental Medicine teach that the life force energy, which they call chi (Indian yogis call it prana, Hippocrates called it natural life force, and Christ called it light), flows through the body….

‘There are two polarizing forces, known as yin and yang through which chi manifests itself. Yin and yang are paired opposites, which express the female and male principles, respectively, that exist in all things in varying degrees. Our state of health, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is determined and measured by the balance of yin and yang forces in our bodies.’

[Do yin and yang also correspond to the inflow and outflow, the N and S poles, of a magnetic field? Also, I am curious to explore the idea that what Christ called light could equate to electromagnetic energy. – Gary]


‘…. acupuncture meridians are more conductive than other points on the body. It’s all about energy and electricity … and the magnetic force that comes with it — electromagnetism.


‘The findings of modern physics are now echoing those of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both suggest that our bodies are essentially a composite of billions or even trillions of frequencies. These frequencies are expressed in the form of cells, organs, and tissues, which are constantly vibrating and communicating with each other — and the external environment.

[This paragraph is especially interesting: – Gary]
‘…. We now know that communication between cells of the body is facilitated by biophotons, biological light particles, which represent the quantum (smallest unit) of electromagnetic radiation. Biophoton emissions of an organism, it has been found, reflect the health of that organism. The biophotons of healthy people (and animals and plants) are strong and highly organized. People who are sick have weak and chaotic biophoton radiations. Such radiations are signals of dysfunction and imbalance throughout the body, which occur as the oscillatory rate of cells become disturbed….’


‘It’s important for us to know that biophoton signals are blocked when we’re under the kind of subliminal stress caused by electro-pollution. The bottom line is that electro-pollution is continually disturbing — whether you know it or not — your sympathetic nervous system, which elevates your fight-and-flight response that in turn raises cortisol, your stress hormone…. For most of us today, unnatural exposure to artificial frequencies is constant, and often unavoidable, due to the rapidly escalating wireless nature of our society within the past decade.’

‘…. It seems that in addition to being physical beings, on a more basic level, we are beings of energy whose chemical processes are dependent upon the free flow of that energy through our bodies….’


‘…. each cell in the body [is] an electric battery broadcasting the pulsating rhythm of life. When the energies or vibrations are changed, millions of batteries (the cells) are growing weaker or stronger. Nothing exists except in its own rate of energy. When you work with the energy, you can change the environment, which in turn changes the expression of health or disease.’


‘In other words, by fortifying our internal defenses, an impenetrable fortress can be created that will help us to better ward off the latest breed of environmental assaults out there — the unnatural frequencies from all our digital toys and conveniences that we are bombarded with morning, noon, and night….’

[Fortifying our internal defenses correlates to Manly Hall’s ‘opening one’s inner life to the light of an interior sun.’ – Gary]


‘Other studies and personal reports link even minimal EMF exposure to sleep disturbances, immune-system suppression, brain wave changes, headaches, light sensitivity, heart arrhythmia, chronic fatigue, memory problems, ringing in the ears, depression — associated with a new problem, called electrosensitivity….

[Yet,] ‘Mainstream medicine harnesses the power of EMFs to heal. It seems like the ultimate paradox. Broken bones are mended and wounds healed by pulsed PMF stimulation; pain is eased by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), the application of electricity that appears to activate the body’s own pain-relieving (opioid) system… and depression is lifted by transcranial magnetic stimulation, which uses weak electrical currents and rapidly varying magnetic fields to excite brain nerve cells.’

[I have found effectiveness for my personal journey in an intuitively designed mix of TENS, BWE, natural magnets, the 9 elements, and heart breathing. – Gary]

The health pioneering perspective of Ann Louise Gittleman comes into fuller blossom in the light of Manly Hall’s ‘Energy Fields of the Human Body.’ His entire lecture could be applied but since longer excerpts are already published in a Whole Human post, let these be the closing words:

‘Energy, in its pure and complete state, is universal. We live constantly in a field of energy, whether it is cosmic, solar, or planetary. And yet, much of this energy does not directly affect us because we are able to respond only to those parts of energy for which we have conditioned polarities within ourselves.’ – pg 2

‘Mental energy, or the energy which maintains the humanity in man, has sometimes been referred to as spiritual energy. This energy comes from a divine source in the world — from that God-power or Being nature which is invisible and intangible and has no correspondence in the physical structure of things. Man accepts this energy as a kind of nutrition required by a form of appetite which he must cultivate.

‘Actually, spiritual energy, like all other kinds, permeates him at all times, but he must create receptivity to it. He must obtain his nutrition of spiritual or life power through a gentle process of acceptance. He must open his inner life to the light of an interior sun. He must open his spiritual consciousness to the energies of a spiritual universe. And by creating interests, attitudes, desires, in this direction, he draws this energy to himself. Therefore, it is more available and more practically useful in the lives of devout persons.

‘The attitude of devotion, the receptivity to the God-element in nature, is the kind of feeding process by which spiritual energy comes to man. He must have the pole within himself, or he cannot hold the energy field.’ – pgs 4-5

Excerpts reprinted by permission of University of Philosophical Research

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