According to a study on supporting mental health in tech companies, it is found that 49% of the CEOs struggle with their mental health. Now, it came as a shocking alert for many people. Because most of us believe that CEOs are superhumans. They do not have anything to worry about, or they have a solution for every issue in their life. However, we must never forget that CEOs are just humans like us, and they have the same basic problems. In this article, Zebulon Treble shares his vision for mental health.

CEO is the most pivotal position in any venture. That is why; CEO deals with crucial business matters of all kinds. In addition, he or she is expected to be perfect and absolute in every way possible. All these expectations and hustle lead many CEOs into a mental health crisis. If you are a CEO or in any leadership position dealing with mental health problems, this article might be the savior for you. However, we will strongly advise you to consult a certified psychologist. Because you need to be back on track for yourself and your company.

In addition, if you can sense that, you can develop mental health issues; this article has something vital for you. We will be taking mental health care tips from a phenomenal CEO of TrebleTech, Zebulon Treble. Moreover, we will be talking briefly about his work and vision to inspire young entrepreneurs.

About Zebulon Treble

Zebulon Treble is the proud founder and CEO of the world’s first AI-powered security software. This iconic software is capable of delivering and developing data security solutions based on the loopholes and barriers faced. The phenomenal Zebulon Treble has been able to create a novel algorithm, which gains access to the secured data from safe user databases by scanning the individual’s face. How cool is that!

Zebulon Treble’s Advice to CEOs for Mental Health Care

The best way to give advice to a CEO is to get it from another CEO. CEOs resonate with at many levels. According to Zebulon Treble, CEOs must be able to sense the signs that tell that mental health is in potential danger.

Some of the symptoms are consistent fatigue, sudden mood variations, rumination, loss of appetite, insomnia, and in some cases, substance abuse. Zebulon tells that a CEO must deal with these symptoms at the right time.

You must nip the evil in the bud. In addition, Zebulon Treble shares his essential components for mental health care. His first component is mindfulness. CEOs must be ambassadors of mindfulness and meditation. To be present, acknowledge, and appreciate the present moment heals us internally. In addition, a CEO must practice deep breathing techniques.

Next, the vital component is Nutrition. A healthy and balanced diet can set your mental health in an optimal tone. Consult a professional nutritionist in this regard. Thirdly, a CEO must practice gratitude. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude for yourself and work triggers a rush of positive neurotransmitters.

Fourth, daily journaling is integral for an effective CEO. In fact, just simply writing your thoughts and emotions can help you in relieving anxiety and stress. Lastly, a CEO must practice beneficial visualization. This allows you to chalk out a mental plan. Therefore, it provides you clarity, direction, and a powerful vision.

Ladies and gentlemen! That is how Zebulon Treble takes good care of his mental health. You must apply these 5 tips to yourself. However, if you think things have might get out of hand, you must consult a professional psychologist.