You’re working really hard, doing all the “stuff” you should be doing, right? So why are you making no progress? Why do you feel like a failure? You are tired of eating the dust of all the people that are storming ahead and wondering what are you doing wrong? Let’s discuss the concept of  “zero-ing out” and ask, “is this why you are failing?”.

We know that seeing positive results fuels our drive, our motivation. So when all we witness is success for everyone but us, magnifying our lack of progress, we frustratingly ask, “what the hell am I doing wrong?”.

Failure and “zero-ing” out

I recently heard this concept during a fantastic interviewbetween Tom Bilyeu and David Meltzer. David was discussing what it took for him to become a self made multi-millionaire, lose it and create it all again.

He explained how so many people desire and expect “exponential growth” but their actions are not in alignment with that outcome. Why? Because they “zero-out”. Kind of like the 5-2 diet, they’ll be super focused for 5 days and then relapse/chill out/sabotage the other 2.

There is no space for the 5-2 in quantum growth and achievement

I think it’s fair to say that a large percentage of the population embody the “5-2” lifestyle. They show commitment, consistency and routine Monday through Friday but the weekend comes and they “disconnect”. It’s their “play hard” time. They cut themselves some slack, kick back from the mundane 9-5 and give themselves permission to let it all go.

And that’s fine isn’t it? Everyone deserves a break? We don’t need to “hustle” all the time. Our body’s need to relax. But is this relaxing or is it self sabotage?

How is 5-2 leading to your failure?

Let’s put some figures to this question. If you Iive the 5-2 lifestyle (committed and focused for most of the week but giving in to fear based, unfocused or lazy tendencies for a couple of days) then you are “losing” 8 days per month. For 25% of the month you are NOT working toward your desires.

In one year, you have lost 3 months worth of progress. Over ten years, you lose TWO AND A HALF YEARS.

What do you think the “successful” people are doing with those two and a half years? I’d hazard a guess that they are not swapping working for wishing. What would you achieve if you didn’t waste one week of every month chilling out or believing your own, fear based b.s. beliefs?

Failure is a kaleidoscope

I think it’s important to say that failure is subjective. That depending on which turn of the kaleidoscope you take and view, you can choose to give failure the perception of disastrous finality or potential for improvement. Personally, I prefer to always choose a learning.

Nonetheless, I’m sure that we can all take a look at our life and recognise where we really aren’t “achieving”. Where we are not fulling engaged, fulfilled and growing. That’s not necessarily a failure but the failure does lie in accepting it rather than improving it.

If you are looking for quantum growth

If you are looking for BIG achievements, a life well lived and experiences that feed your soul (and your bank account) then not only do you have to think quantum, you have to BE quantum.

You need to commit to “BE-ing” the person you need to be to make these changes happen. You’re going to have to create and install new behaviours. Old routines that don’t serve you will need to be ditched. In the words of the incredible Dr Joe Dispenza, you have to break the habit if being YOU!

Avoid failure by claiming back the 25%

How can you claim back that 25%? In short, you are going to have to identify and put an end to, old, learn behaviours that keep reminding you “who you were”. In their place, you need new, powerful actions that create “who you ARE’.  You have to refuse to “zero-out” on yourself. 

It’s time to stop sabotaging your desires with self limiting beliefs and behaviours and instead, gift yourself the exponential growth you desire by claiming back that wasted 25% of life. 


  • Louise Cartwright

    Certified High Performance Coach for Purpose Driven Business Owners and Leaders

    From an overweight, depressed, single parent claiming benefits to an international high performance coach triathlete. That's my story. What I learned was that we can choose to be a product of our circumstances or our consciousness and now I work with passionate and purpose driven leaders to create a life of impact.