My Thrive Challenge journey started with walking. I realized I was getting faster and stronger, and losing weight, all from going for walks. I thought, “I need to keep this up and incorporate different activities into my routine. I’ve been able to make this small change consistently — there’s so much more I can do!” Now that I’m working from home, I started going for 15- to 30-minute bike rides during lunch. I took up yoga and recently completed my training to become a yoga teacher. I’m getting creative with what I eat, using spaghetti squash and other vegetables to make noodles, and even trying out “Meatless Mondays.” I’m saving money from not eating out and being conscious of the groceries I buy. I make sure to have a meal plan and set a budget when I grocery shop, so I buy what I need and nothing goes bad.

  • I’m exercising for at least 60 minutes each day, whether it’s yoga, biking, or something else. 
  • Since starting my Thrive Challenge, I’ve lost a lot of weight.
  • I’m sharing my love for yoga with my community.

Now that I’m a practitioner of yoga, gratitude is a bigger component of my life. I keep a gratitude journal, where I write down three things I’m thankful for each day. It helps me focus on the small things, like fitting in a longer yoga session or eating a healthy dinner. I also meditate when I first wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep, which helps me relax and get a full eight hours of rest. My Better Choices are also bringing me closer to my family. I don’t have family in the area, but we keep in touch over Zoom, and my sister and I have started sharing healthy recipes with each other. Making changes doesn’t always have to be big or perfect. Just work daily at making small changes and start anew if you feel you messed up. I haven’t been perfect, but I keep going anyway. Progress over perfection.

—Zhana Gentle, Walmart Home Office Dept. 10546; Bentonville, AR; $5K Winner

Through the Thrive Challenge, our community is making Better Choices, seeing big results, and winning big.