Throughout this crisis, there has been one bright spot — and that’s been our Zoom sessions. I’m not talking about how the whole corporate world shifted all their affairs to Zoom in a matter of days. I’m talking about families and friends being able to conduct all their gatherings by coming together on Zoom — for free.

I’m part of two movements (HumansFirst and Hacking HR) and we do everything on Zoom. Whenever we need Zoom, Zoom is always there for us. We often talk about how much we appreciate Zoom and how we couldn’t imagine our lives without it.

Zoom has enabled humanity to come together like no other platform before it. This is a company genuinely focused on doing good for the whole.

And when we talk about heart-based leadership, let’s talk about what a special CEO Eric Yuan is, and all the good intentions that go into every decision he makes. While many leaders are motivated by greed and power, Eric Yuan is genuinely focused on delivering happiness.

Our Lowest Point

Let us take note of what transpired here in our world over the last week. At the height of the worst disaster mankind has experienced, Zoom was scaling up like crazy to accommodate all the new activity. We all agreed that it was doing a tremendous job. Right from the beginning of the crisis, Eric Yuan even decided to make Zoom available for free for K-12 schools.

But there are forces at work in our society that don’t appreciate other platforms increasing in value — so they started spreading all these rumors about Zoom. Granted, there may have been some glitches to patch like with any major platform, but it’s the way they did it that will be remembered as the lowest point of our humanity.

Have We Learned Nothing ?

Now I have to ask — have we learned nothing from this crisis? Can’t we see that the system we exist in will no longer tolerate this unbridled human greed and selfishness? Do we not see that we have come to a reckoning and need to make some adjustments in our lives? That we need to treat others the way we would want to be treated? That’s what this whole coronavirus stage is about — learning our lesson and correcting our behavior. Becoming better humans. Thinking more about the good of the whole. Being concerned for, and lifting others.

Fighting Our Common Enemy Together

We need to reign in the human ego, before we pay the ultimate price. We must get this part of our lives under control. What is the key to doing that? HUMAN CONNECTION! Actively and systematically working on strengthening our connection. The main tool we’ve been using for years to do that is Zoom. The main tool we’ve been using to do that throughout this crisis is Zoom. So clearly Zoom is the most essential platform in our world at the moment. Let’s protect it together. With our human hearts. With our good intentions. Let’s not let evil get in our way.

Happy Passover

Jews around the world are preparing for the Jewish holiday of Passover. What does this holiday really represent? It’s about us overcoming Pharaoh, who represents the human ego. Have you ever noticed how enslaved we are to our egos? This is about us coming out of slavery, and starting a new life together. We can give each other the strength to overcome these evil forces that exist in each of us. We have the power to overcome them as a collective. Each of us trying to do this individually, is a futile experiment.

Bringing Our World Back into Balance

There are good forces and bad forces in the world, and they all exist for a reason. We don’t need to delete anything. We simply need to use our collective goodness to overcome the bad. This is the key to getting our world back in balance.

The spreading of this virus is to demonstrate how unconnected we are. It is a reflection of everything that is broken in our world. Now is the time to fix it.

Zoom has a very central role in this vital process. Today I’m thinking good thoughts about Zoom and its CEO Eric Yuan. I urge you to do the same.