Sometimes we believe that health only has to do with the body and nothing can be further from the truth, because your mind is something like a center of power, if you feel good emotionally, that means that your body too Do it.

Therefore, in this installment we will give you 5 tips for better mental health , which you will have to put into practice to maintain your stability. What they say about healthy mind is a healthy body, it makes all the sense. So let’s find out what these tips are about to improve mental health .

1. Happiness depends on yourself

Happiness sometimes seems a place, sometimes it becomes material things and sometimes it means people. However, happiness has been difficult to classify for years. Not always what makes you happy, makes others happy. In any case, what is clear is that it is a complex concept and that it must be worked on individually.

A single thing or objective makes you happy in an ephemeral way, but several lead you towards optimal  mental health . Being consonant with most of the things that you are and do in your life is the main thing, because being happy only depends on each one. The best thing is not to feel needs or anxieties, little by little look for those things that make you happy and we assure you that together they will create great potential in you.

2. Do not be the victim

It may sound hard but in reality you are in the place that you are for your decision. In the 21st century, everyone is totally free, because freedom is not measured by percentages, one is not free in 50 percent or in 80, one is free or one does not. But it always depends on your decisions.

If you are involved in a stormy relationship, it is you who decides to stay there, if you are frustrated by your job, it is you who should look for better opportunities. Do not be the victim. Evaluate the situation and make decisions, assume them without guilt.

3. Improve your self-esteem

Often Manichaean society puts labels and extremes on everything. You are good or bad, you are poor or rich, intelligent or ignorant, etc. And the limits are abysmal. Maybe you  have low self-esteem  because you think you’re the antonym to words like intelligence or beauty and you’re wrong, not everything can be so bad.

Surely, you have qualities that stand out in several aspects, like others in which you are not the best. However, you are not going to blame yourself for that and do not pretend to be perfect either. Being perfect is too boring.

4. Decelerate

Some people set goals that are too high in a short time . It is true that we have to think big; but you can not learn the seven languages ​​you want in three months either. You need patience, slow down; Moms say that the desire is nothing but fatigue. In the end you will be frustrated by not meeting all your goals. So be honest with yourself and what you can do.

5. Do not put stones on the road

Surely you have discovered talking to yourself without thinking about it or thinking about something unconscious while doing an action or holding a conversation with someone and that is that you have a self, we all have it, and sometimes that character makes you play tricks.

When you are about to start a diet or something simpler like a game with your classmates, you say to yourself: “I can not do it”. Crass error, change mentality. You can do it, you can always. Keep the motivation before all the challenges.