The Great Britain is a majestic country which draws tourists from all over the world. From whimsical mountains to picture perfect cities to brooding moors and mystical heaths, she is full of wonders that can leave a traveller gasping for breath, metaphorically only though! Even though London is literally the most popular tourist destination in the country, there are tons of amazing places to visit as well, in case you want to avoid the crowd or expenses.

Lulworth Cove, Dorset

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers panoramic views of crystal-clear waters. The rock arch of Durdle Door and Jurassic Coast are worth a visit as well.

Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury

The Canterbury Cathedral is an important part of the history of England, so much so that is a place of pilgrimage not only for the religious but also for the literature lovers for the immense role it plays in English literature. The grandeur of the Westgate is something you absolutely cannot miss.

Cliffs Of Dover, Kent

Captured beautifully in the poetry of Mathew Arnold, the Dover beach and the White Cliffs of Dover make for a lovely place to relax and if you are lucky, you can even spot France on a clear day.

Chester Zoo, Chester

Home to over twenty thousand animals including some of the most exotic and endangered species, this is rightfully the most visited zoo in the UK. While you are at it, do not miss out the Grosvenor Museum, Eastgate and the stunning medieval Chester Cathedral


If you are a fan of Jane Austen Bath should definitely be on your pilgrimage list as this is where she grew up. If not, the pastoral little city has a rich slice of English history and breath-taking Gregorian architecture which you absolutely should not miss.


This medieval market town, the birthplace of William Shakespeare is a must visit place even if you are not a fan of literature simply because of the immense place the playwright holds in history.

Yorkshire Dales

Experience nature at its finest at Yorkshire with its picturesque dales and moors. It is a perfect place for walking, hiking, mountain biking etc.


This University town has an eclectic life of its own and this will absolutely win your heart. With its splendid medieval buildings and gardens along with charming bars and shops, the rich history and the carefree culture of students it blends the old and the new seamlessly.

Lake District

Located in the North West England the Lake District was the home to the Romantic poets, who inspired by the stunning natural beauty of this region, penned down the most beautiful panes. If you want picture perfect mountains, lakes and forest this is the most romantic and idyllic place.


Rising to prominence as an industrial hub and the home to one of the top football clubs Manchester, is a fun-loving multicultural city with a vibrant night life.

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