Raising your mood can be as easy as letting light in. Below are a few suggestions for making you feel less like you are under home incarnation and more like you are CHOOSING to be home. It is all in how you look at it!

  1. Create a routine-go to bed and get up at the same time. Your circadian rhythm has a lot to do with hormonal balance, behavior and emotions. 
  2. Open the curtains or blinds as soon as you get up-Natural light is an instant emotional booster.
  3. Shower and put on clean clothes that make you feel good. If you feel good cozy and comfy (like me) then do that, if you feel better in jeans and a button down, go for it, and watch your productivity rise!
  4. Light a candle-the scent will invigorate you.
  5. Fix a yummy dessert or plan a special dinner to give yourself something to look forward to. Try and give yourself a little something each day to look forward to, it helps immensely in a day that seems to be on repeat. 
  6. Try a YouTube video (new hairstyle, makeup tutorial, build something, take a photography course using just your phone.)
  7. Take an after lunch walk instead of falling asleep on the couch.
  8. Call and old friend you haven’t spoken to in years.
  9. Finally arrange all those pictures on your phone and load them into an app that will free up valuable phone space.
  10. Here’s a big one-redecorate your room. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint in a new color can do for you and to your room. Paint is fairly inexpensive, Lowe’s and Home Depot are open and it may be a project that will take you a day or two. (Research colors for mood). Create your oasis!

Please share any pictures with me! I am working on my own list of projects. 


Written by: Dayna Mohan