What do employers look for in future employees? There are certain habits that managers find in prospective candidates attractive. Keep reading the article and learn what the most important traits and habits employees should have to be admired and valuable in companies.

If you want to become an employee who will be admired, you should learn new skills and practice them daily. Not only your manager or boss will see the benefits of your work and behaviour but you will respect yourself more and see that reaching professional goals will become easier. So what are these important habits? 

#1 They Set Goals and Reach Them Before Deadlines

Valuable employees usually start their working days from setting goals. One famous English economist once said that if you lost an hour in the morning, you will keep hunting for it for the rest of the day. Valuable employees understand this very well. They start their working day from establishing a smart goal: reaching customers, making deals, etc. Such goals are personal for employees themselves but they are also related to the organization’s interests.

#2 They Have Good Communication Skills

Effective communication is the key to understanding, making deals and resolving problems. Employees with good communication skills are extremely valuable since they have the ability to listen and give feedback, suggest ideas and solutions in a clear and professional manner.

#3 They Understand the Benefits of Teamwork

Teamwork is very important and effective since each individual in a team can contribute an idea, therefore, the whole team can come up with creative solutions to problems. A team of colleagues can work on strategies, predictions and solutions to reach positive results.

#4 They Seek Advice

What makes a good employee a valuable employee is if he or she doesn’t hesitate to ask for advice. At times, making a decision can be tough, therefore, asking or listening to advice can be vital. Not being proud and staying open to taking a colleague’s or manager’s advice benefits employees and organization. By taking advice, employees are not scared to follow others even if they are leaders in other departments.

#5 They Acknowledge Mistakes

A valuable employee is not scared of saying the truth. Acknowledging mistakes makes an employee fearless which is much appreciated. An employee has a high chance to grow and take higher positions if not afraid of making mistakes. An employee must understand that it’s a part of life and making a mistake always leads to making smarter decisions in the future. Managers of organizations value employees who are open and honest. Admitting mistakes is a habit that all valuable employees have in common. 

#6 They Are Patient 

Being patient and knowing when to release stress are very important habits that help employees to work effectively and not cause conflicts. Stress-builders always break the chain causing misunderstandings, conflicts, and delays in work.

#7 They Avoid Drama

Those employees who can keep their emotions under control and focus on priorities are extremely valuable. You have probably seen some of your colleagues being “drama queens” who can’t tell facts and take things personally. Such a behavior is something that every boss should never see. Instead, a boss should see constructive and productive employees who care about everyone’s satisfaction. 

#8 They Seek Actions Out Ahead 

A valuable employee seeks out actions ahead of step one. It’s a vital habit since it helps to understand what tasks are in priority and which can be done afterwards. Such a habit helps to predict possible issues and solve them before they actually arise.

#9 They Reject Multitasking

There is only a little percentage of people who can handle multitasking and succeed in each task. Juggling many tasks usually leads to failing in each. Valuable employees understand the importance of focusing on one task at a time and meeting deadlines. 

#10 They Are Good at Self-Management 

Time management is not the top habit of a valuable employee. What’s more important is when an employee is successful in self-management. A person who is emotionally balanced, happy in personal life and looks after himself/herself becomes a good employee and a member of a team. Personal well-being has a big impact on the professional life of a person, therefore, valuable employees are good at self-management.


These are the 10 important habits that are admired and valued in employees. You should obtain them in order to prove your importance and value for a company. All these ten habits are about considerate, productive and emotionally balanced people. These habits are common in employees who have successful careers. Improve your standing in the workplace by practicing these skills and soon you will see that they turn into your good habits.

About the Author

Daniel Witman is a passionate journalist who has contributed to major media publications. He enjoys writing about eSports and other topics that bother modern men. Currently, he’s serving as an editor forĀ dota2-bets.net.