In his famous theory of ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, Abraham Maslow placed the need of ‘self actualization’ on the top of the pyramid. According to it, every person strives to achieve his best potential. We all want to become the best version of ourselves.

But the question is — how do we become our best self?

Realizing our truest potential has never been so difficult as it is in current times of cut-throat competition, increasing insecurities, political upheavals and failed relationships. Good news is however hard it gets to improve oneself, it never becomes impossible.

Below are the 10 habits that will help you to become the best version of yourself.

Be Genuine — There is nothing more attractive than a genuine person who doesn’t pretend. Do not fake smiles to gather compliments and do not pretend to be upset to garner sympathy. Be who you are. Show your genuine, true feelings.

Be Kind — Kindness is one of the most basic virtues of humanity. Human race can’t reach anywhere if we all become unkind and mean to each other. Practice kindness. Be compassionate. Help others and they will hold you in regards.

Don’t Be Shy To Apologize — Each time I apologize for a blunder (or a big mistake), I feel only better at the end of it. Saying sorry makes you feel lighter and elevates you to a level higher than the lot of egotists out there.

Listen Attentively — The more you listen, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you become.

Love Truly — Believe in monogamy. Stay faithful to your partner. Love him/her truly. For the best version of yourself, cheating is never an option.

Dedicate Yourself To A Service — Be it a social cause, or a scientific invention you have been working on or just being there for people around you, dedicating yourself to a service will help you in being your better self. It helps you in realizing the purpose of your life.

Strive To Learn and Grow — A constant yearning to learn and grow in life lets us become better with every passing day. Learn not only from mistakes and books and lectures but also from everyday incidents, from normal, ordinary people around you and from what we observe.

Stay Mindful — Be mindful of everything around you. It isn’t at all as difficult as it initially seems. Being mindful only requires us to be more attentive and aware of our surroundings. How are we going to achieve anything if we are lost in our own little world and its thoughts? Be present. Like the famous Buddhist saying — “Be where you are”.

Stand For What Is Right — It is easy to hold opinions but it is difficult to voice your opinions, and to take stands. People who emerge as winners are the ones who have taken stands and who stood by what they believed to be right. Do not scream or belittle others. But if you believe in something, speak up.

Shed Your Judgements and Regard Equality — No one can be called a great person if he or she is judgmental in nature. History is a witness that all great people have been kind and accommodating to everybody. Stop being judgmental and believe in equality if you wish to become your best self.

Practicing the habits above will take us closer to what we all want to become — a likable, happy, successful person.

Originally published at on March 8, 2017.

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