In the past year and half, I have lost more than 20 lbs. But more than the weight loss, I have gained a solid sense of confidence that I have never had before.

The strength I gained through my workouts has gone into other aspects of my life.

Throughout my weight loss journey, I have researched motivation tips which have been key to my success.

Below are the top 10 best success tips you can use to reach your goals in 2019.

Create a List of 5 Inspired Goals for 2019. 

What in your heart do you want to achieve in 2019? Next to this list, create a column of what inspires you about each of these goals.

For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds. What inspires you or excites you about being 10 lbs lighter? Do you want to have more energy or play sports? Inspiration is what keeps you going on the days you don’t feel like it.

Create a List of 5 Inspired Actions. 

Take one action per week toward your goals. Slowly shift towards your goals. This is a sustainable approach. Is there a person that inspires you online? Try to follow them and watch them daily to keep your eyes on your goals (this also reminds you of why you were inspired in the first place).

Consistency is The Key To Success.

You know those days when you don’t feel like chopping up a healthy salad (and ordering dinner instead) or the times when you are tempted to skip a workout or not save your money, these are the days when it counts the most. This is when your success is adding up.

Every day counts.

Keep a Success Journal Daily.

You can do it on your phone or in a notebook, or your laptop. Wherever. It takes 3 minutes. A Success Journal builds more success. This reminds you of your previous successes and you can build on this everyday.

It can be big successes (like a new client or a raise at work, yeah!) or small successes (like you saved a dollar on coffee today or chose a spice over a sauce – saving hundreds of calories!).

Know That You Will Have Challenges. 

Some days the scale will go up. Some days the savings will go down. Some days you will only do one set of weights (and not the full 3 sets). This is an opportunity for you to learn what you can do better and note this as a part of your daily success journal.

If you are able to learn from your mistakes and challenges that is a complete success.

This is an opportunity for you to create a new pattern towards your goals.

Look for Support.

There are all kinds of options for you to get support for your goals. Looking to lose weight? Try a personal trainer at your local community recreation centre. Looking to build your savings? Set a monthly appointment with your banker (can be on the phone or by email to save time).

By having a key person to support you on your path to success, they can also create a plan for your success and be your biggest cheerleaders for you to achieve your goals.

What happens next when you achieve your goal?

What’s next? The big plan. You lose the 10 lbs and you save a thousand dollars, what comes next? Think about a bigger version of your goals and where you would like to be with your goals in the next year or so. This might change and might take you to places that you had not expected. But consider the bigger picture.

This keeps you creating, thriving and growing.

No Before and After Photos – or – Before and After Anything Scenarios

I am not a fan of “before and after” anything. Life is a constant journey of success and evolution. The fact that you are continuing to grow and learn is a success. Before and After photos limits your version of success.

I continue to look forward and focus on growing, evolving and new inspiration everyday.

Imagine what you want your life to look like. Visuals are Key.

This is part of the inspiration. People to follow and their stories to look at and read daily. Look for people who have accomplished like minded goals. You can even share your own successes and inspire others! This is one of the best boosts you can have to your own inspiration and success.

Be vulnerable and share with others.

Celebrate Your Successes! 

Call or email your personal trainer or banker, or whoever is acting as your support person to guide you to success. Share with them your successes. You lost another pound or you saved an extra $10 this week – share with them these successes.

This will act as a super boost to your motivation and propel you to even more successes.

I would love to hear what your goals are for 2019 and what inspires you (my social media links are below). We can thrive and grow together in 2019!

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