Since the beginning of humanity, great ideas have marked the path of man through his history. These are the ten most important inventions.

1- The Wheel

Created before 3500 a. C., qualifies as a fundamental invention for human development, since from it it was possible to manufacture machinery and transport, among other things.

2- The Plow

It is a tool used to open holes and move the earth to plant seeds. It appeared there by 3500 a. C. in the towns of Mesopotamia.

3- Gunpowder

Created in the 10th century, it was used to propel the projectiles of weapons. Nowadays it is used for fireworks.

4- The printing press

This mechanical method of reproducing texts and images generated a cultural revolution. It appeared between 1000 and 1400, in China, where it was used with rice paper.

5- Steam machine

For 1698 he made his great appearance and was widely used during the Industrial Revolution for the movement of machines.

6- The anesthesia

Since its introduction, in 1799, it had several variants regarding the analgesics that were incorporated; the ether dominated the market until 1960.

7- The telegraph

The German scientists Gauss and Weber installed, in 1833, a thousand-meter telegraph line to connect the university with the astronomical observatory of Göttingen, the town in which they worked.

8- Combustion engine

At first, when it was created in 1860, they still did not have compression and, instead, they worked with air and blown fuel.

9- Penicillin

It was discovered by Ernest Duchesne, in 1897, in France. It revolutionized medicine and gave a new focus to the production of antibiotics against infections.

10- The transistor

This electronic device, created in 1947, is an energy semiconductor. Today you can see it in appliances, radios and televisions.