Surely, after reading the title, you are imagining yourself on a paradisiacal beach away from any type of noise or noise in the city. Hammocks, sand, crystal clear water, delicious fruits …

To live without stress, you do not have to go as far, or dream of impossible.  In this article we give you 10 basic keys so you can learn to enjoy and be happy with what you have.

“Some are willing to do anything, except to live here and now.”

Simplify: less is more

Sometimes, when we have a problem that we can not solve, we go around and around in our head. If we do not dare to face our difficulties, we usually look for excuses and convoluted explanations to get away from them.

The solution is to take the bull by the horns and act. Normally, the easiest way to solve it is to get to the point.

Practice optimism

To be optimistic is to see the positive side of things, despite being aware that misfortunes, injustices, and setbacks occur. There are events that we can not change, that simply come like this and we have to accept them. But what is in our hands is the way in which we take them and the attitude with which we face what happened.  In short, what they bring and teach us.

Therefore, if you are a negative person, you can try to force yourself one day to see all the good things that you have around you. Your family, your qualities, potentialities, what you have achieved … Although it seems absurd and ridiculous at first, with regularity and perseverance, you will end up accustoming your brain to consider life in a different way.

Improve your self-esteem

Are you happy with your relationship with yourself? Do you treat yourself well? You take care of yourself? It is difficult to be in harmony with the rest of people around you if you are not with you. Stop being so demanding and self-sabotage.

Love yourself, love yourself for who you are and who you are for. If your self-esteem is strong, optimism will come out alone and your quality of life will improve greatly.

“Believe in yourself. You know more than you think you know. “

Healthy habits

To live without stress it is necessary to take care of mind and body. We already know that certain habits such as eating at odd hours or the consumption of alcohol and drugs harm our health. Try to eat more moderately, to eliminate certain products with too many fats or sugars, to play sports regularly and to sleep well.

Planning and approach

When we are subjected to habitual stress, it seems that we are missing hours a day to do all our obligations. It may be like that. Therefore, it is better to organize and to do functional and practical planning like essay help UK that allows us to see what priority each thing has and what can be postponed.

The same thing happens when they ask you at work to do five different tasks immediately. The best thing is that you focus and focus on what is truly relevant. Choose the task that is most urgent. Use your criteria and concentrate to the fullest. So, you can give your 100% and believe me, you will finish it sooner.

Be smarter than him

If you notice that your stress is dangerously increasing in the last few weeks, stop and think. Your emotional intelligence is what helps you realize that your body is overworking, that you are distressing. Recognizing it and trying to find calm again is an essential skill to live without stress.

But it is not achieved overnight. It requires practice and knowledge of oneself. By stumbling over the same stone, we realize what affects us the most and how we can help ourselves to avoid harmful feelings. When you feel stressed, try to imagine some sensation that you love. A scent, a song, a place …

Optimistic woman

Ask for help from Experts

Closely related to the above is the step of seeking help. Many times we do not go to the psychologist or therapy for the money. We believe that mental health is something superfluous, but no. With knee pain, we can live, better or worse, but with paralyzing stress, no.

If you do not feel comfortable with professional support, at least let the people closest to you help you. Tell them what happens to you and they will surely find a way to charge you with energy.

Take care of your money

Of course, money causes stress. And more when you do not have it. If, unfortunately, your economic situation is not buoyant, you can implement four basic skills to manage yourself better.

Reduce your expenses

Increase income

Invest to grow or simplify your life.


Disconnect and slow down

There are people who when they arrive at home after a workday, turn off the mobile and forget until the day after work. There are others that, for different reasons, can not. Well because it has been left with an e-mail pending to send, because it is waiting for a call or, simply, because they are stressed.

In this last case, it is necessary that you lower the rhythm. Mark your limits and dedicate time to your personal life. If you do not do it, nobody can do it for you.

Healthy social environment

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. Applied to living without stress means trying  to surround yourself with cheerful, empathetic and healthy people. I’m sure something will stick to you. The way of thinking, the way of living and facing the world depends to a large extent on how you have been educated.

But it can change, experience allows you to choose what your philosophy of life is. Therefore, friends and the social environment in which you move will help or hurt you in that life project you have.

To live without stress is to be happier, more harmonious, more cheerful, to be fuller. This can be achieved to a large extent through certain changes in attitude and habits. Are you willing to enjoy more and better?