7 years ago I started with my first steps in Online Marketing, at that time I was dedicated to organizing events for the nightclubs where I worked, I did not know at that time that there was a profession called Community Manager .

My strategy was only based on a Web, Facebook and email, were other times, at that time it was worth everything, I will not deny that sending mass emails or creating personal Facebook profiles instead of company pages, to allow me to invite to my target audience, it has given me very good results.

Today we see how several companies continue to use these methods without noticing that things have changed, and much, and I will not only talk about the fact that Online Marketing is logically installed in our daily lives, or that we have millions of different strategies and specialties derived from it. The real problem is that companies continue to do the same without noticing that a new consumer has arrived and that the one that was previously has changed.

Online Marketing evolves according to consumer behavior, Nowadays companies are not aware that the invasion of privacy with the actions that I mentioned above can be absolutely harmful to the image of any brand and not only talking about the negative impact that generates in the consumer, if not also from the legal aspect.

For this reason I bring you these 10 Online Marketing tips for entrepreneurs  (based on my own experience)

Get trained and practice instantly :

When I started with this I took a double virus that of “cursitis and tools”, I studied everything that had to do with Online Marketing and a tool that was released and I was already testing it.

What is wrong with this?

Not realizing that Online Marketing was advancing by leaps and bounds and the information I had daily in my head was so great that multitasking hurt me a lot in my learning.


  • Titles that became obsolete
  • Diplomas that only fed my ego at the time.
  • Infinity of paid courses not yet finished
  • Strategies based on tools and not on projects

How to solve this?

Putting into practice absolutely everything I learned at the moment, I started going at my own pace practicing, experimenting and especially failing a thousand times, my schedules were divided into 3 daily tasks and my time was 100% dedicated to each task without anything or anyone I would interrupt him.

He was performing these tasks when he really went from being able to teach a theoretical class about Online Marketing to achieve tangible results for clients.

Peripheral vision of your client’s business

It is perfect to know what are the long tail necessary to position yourself, which are the best places to get quality links, it is also perfect to know how to write a post or how to share it correctly on social networks, but what happens if we suddenly find ourselves that everything we are doing is politically correct but you don’t get results?

Option 1: I continue to give my client reports of how his followers are growing, how his traffic is growing and I tell him that the one who does not sell is no longer my fault?

Option 2: Use your peripheral super vision and go beyond your daily actions of Online Marketing.

You must get into complicated terrain such as:

  • Prices
  • Customer Support
  • Customer hall
  • Stock
  • Product quality
  • Service
  • Image

Although most of these changes will have to be made by the client himself, we will have to guide him to make them since many of the final results in sales will depend on these aspects.

You have to keep in mind that when a customer runs out of money they won’t be able to pay you and it doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

Run away from toxic customers

Online Marketing has a lot of ignorance yet and as professionals we have to have patience and empathy with any client, because there is nothing worse than a professional who takes advantage of their knowledge treating the client as an ignorant, and I can tell you that several clients of mine came of experiences of this kind, but that’s good for another post …

In these years I have met several “Toxic” clients, but fortunately also with clients who are now friends.

Here are some examples of clients that you should run away from and stay with those clients that make your life easier day by day.

5 Types of Customers.

The time stealers: Clients who, because they are paying for a service, think that you should be aware of them 24/7.    

Solution: Always be clear in your proposal the time you will devote to your strategy and the way of communication you will have with them. With this you will avoid thousands of unnecessary face-to-face meetings and phone calls that are only long that all they do is lower your work productivity. 

Always ask yourself this question. Can this be resolved by email or by Skype for 15 minutes?

The one who knows more than you: This is a client that directly comes with the strategy made, he tells you what he wants, whether or not you agree. 

Solution: Always but always tell him what your point of view is and make it very clear that if you do not get results you will not be responsible .

The self-taught: This client usually hires the services for a short time and during that time he tries to get you any kind of information to have a free training and then try to do it. 

Solution: Offer within your services, training courses or advice for companies but not only in order to avoid this, but also, the success of your strategy depends on the good management of the professional who is in charge of any of the tasks and If you are the one who is forming it, you will know that they will be in total synchrony.

The Seducer: Very closely linked to the time-stealing customer , this type of client will make you live an intense relationship for a while, they will share a budget, emails, ideas, long phone calls to the point where you almost feel like inviting a cane when suddenly magically disappears without even saying goodbye, and that’s when you realized that you were one of his list and he had no time to even send you an email telling you that they have decided on another option (totally respectable).

Solution: This solution will be won over time, but I recommend that you create a general action and monitoring protocol and do not leave it. The proposal, the budget and the follow-up have to have a definite time, do not try to make a very personal budget and it takes you a long time until you are sure that the project is worthwhile and is on track.

The impossible mission: This client because of his ignorance asks you for immediate results in medium or long term actions. For example, you want to position yourself on the first page of Google from the first day doing-online marketing but without investing in Adwords. You want to sell thanks to Social Networks now, but without investing in Ads campaigns. Logically, all customers want to sell more, so they hire us, but it is our duty to know how to inform well about the processes and approximate times of the results.                                                                     Solution: Never try to get a customer promising things you can not keep, talk about actions, periods and estimated results always but ALWAYS after analyzing the market and its current results.

Note: In this list I have decided to leave part of the price issue since I consider that I believe that it is not the fault of the client, the great fault of these problems is due to the agencies and “professionals” who give themselves the luxury of putting ridiculous prices to different actions of Online Marketing, such as writing articles, Social Media, etc. Confusing our client more.

Focus on your work and the results you get and for once in a lifetime just for this time I will tell you DO NOT FIX THIS KIND OF COMPETITION.

Out the egos of greatness:

The emergence and rapid growth of Online Marketing brought much ignorance for those who are not professionals who are dedicated to this. Sometimes I have encountered clients who have felt humiliated by professionals treating them practically as stupid.

You are not Superman nor have you discovered the AIDS vaccine, always try to work with humility and always dedicate a part of your time to helping those who need it, do not move just for the convenience that everything in this world shows.

Specialize in something but knowing everything:

No one and absolutely no one is an expert in absolutely everything in Online Marketing, the different specialties, strategies and tactics are endless but when you work in your Online Marketing company or as a freelance, there is something you can not miss. Online Marketing is interconnected, almost all strategies connect to each other and are executed depending on each other. learn more about How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer at DigitalMarketingJobs.com.

As an Online Marketing professional, you need to have knowledge of all the specialties by the time you start developing your specialty, you know the meaning of it.

A Social Media Manager must be able to talk to the Web Designer or the Consultant about a business strategy having a knowledge base, you should also know if your analytical data is in accordance with the others, you might be surprised how Your analytics in social networks play for you but may not be contributing anything to the business strategy.

That plus of knowledge is what will allow you to close the circle within the entire circuit of a project.

Work every day as if you were unemployed :

The vast majority of people remember themselves only in borderline situations.

“If I work for a company or for my own company, I don’t need a website, Blog, or Social Networks to make myself known, I don’t need to have my CV or my Linkedin profile updated, I don’t need to interact with other professionals or train myself”

That is the biggest ERROR of all, we must NEVER forget about ourselves, your life as a professional must grow independently.

You are not a professional only when you work, you are a professional ALWAYS.

If you have a company, it is important that you motivate and help all team members always work their Personal Brand, because growing as professionals will make you grow as a brand.

If you have a company, the growth of your Personal Brand must go hand in hand with the growth of your company.

The routine will make you grow and the ideas stand out

What I mean by this?

Within Online Marketing we find different actions that we have to perform daily.

For example:

A Community Manager knows that day after day you have to publish X number of times in Social Networks, Share X amount of articles of other professionals, interact with X number of people daily, etc.

An S.E.O knows that you must search daily to get quality links, or you will be responsible for optimizing different content daily.

But when are we different?

When we perform actions beyond the routine. An Online Marketing professional needs to perform breakthrough actions to achieve great results, if we maintain a correct daily routine, we will surely grow gradually, but if we rely on analytics and see other ways to achieve results is when we will make a difference.

We need to find a meaning in each of the actions to avoid becoming robots.

Note: EYE Do not try to do only one of the 2 actions, both are necessary to survive, The routine may be the least attractive part of this profession, but it is extremely necessary, if you are not constant, your strategy will fail and if you do not take the Time to think, analyze and correct actions will never be different from the rest.

Involve your team in the entire strategic circuit.

Routine tasks and specialties sometimes tend to be a bit monotonous for this count on your team in the overall development of the strategy, with this you will get everyone to know the importance of their work and have more commitment in each project.

  • Try that each member helps another with tasks that are not their specialty.
  • Have everyone participate in the strategic meetings of each project actively.
  • If you give courses, they always go with you to the point that they can teach a class.
  • Analyze all reports together.

Collaborative Economy to Power

It is clear that today we all need each other, the competition should not be treated as such, the branches of Online Marketing are so broad that you can collaborate with many professionals in different specialties, We collaborate with several agencies in some specialties in which the Other agencies may not be strong and vice versa, the important thing is always that the client has the best and if my company does not specialize in video marketing I will look for the best company or professional to do so in order to achieve results for my client.

Get wrong

Once and a thousand times, it is the only way in which you will be able to transmit your knowledge in the right way and get each of your projects forward.

Do not experiment with your Brand or with your name, always try to have different accounts to perform tests, then give results to put them into practice with your brand.