It is believed a lot more companies will be laying off in the coming weeks.

It’s likely you know multiple people who have lost their jobs.

And, the reality is, the next person to lose their job could be you.

If you get notified you’re losing your job, it’s very important you ask some specific questions so you can be prepared to make the most of the situation. Here’s a list I teach all of my clients at Work It Daily ask:

  1. What is my last official day of employment? You need to know for unemployment filing purposes.
  2. Will I be receiving any severance? This also is important because it will impact when you are eligible for unemployment benefits. They won’t kick in until the money your employer gave you has run out.
  3. When will I receive my last paycheck and how will I get it? They need to give this to you immediately or within your next pay cycle. Some may try to stop direct deposit. So, you need to make sure if they are mailing you the check they have your current address.
  4. Will I get paid for any outstanding vacation or personal time? Your employee handbook should outline this, but you should ask in the event they are not paying this but are legally supposed to. That way, you can point out the extra pay you are due per your contract.
  5. How long will my medical benefits last and when will I be eligible for COBRA? You need to know how long before you’ll have to pay the COBRA premiums which are much more expensive. They should give you someone to contact about this as well.
  6. Who can a future employer contact for a reference? You’ll want to make sure the company will provide a reference for you so you can give hiring managers the right contact information.
  7. What information will you verify on a reference check? Some companies won’t discuss your performance in a reference check. They’ll only confirm dates of employment and your pay rate. It’s important to know what will and won’t be shared, so you can warn a hiring manager what to expect.
  8. Am I eligible for rehire if there is a position available in the future? This is VERY important because if they say “no” it means they aren’t listing you as a layoff. Instead, they’re listing you as fired, which could impact your ability to collect unemployment. Trust me, this happens to people and they don’t find out until their unemployment claim gets rejected.
  9. Will I receive outplacement services to help me with my job search? Most higher-level managers and executives get career coaching services known as “outplacement services” when they get laid-off. Meanwhile, the average professional doesn’t usually know to ask for these services. Studies show people who get outplacement get hired 2X faster. If the company says they aren’t offering outplacement, ask if they would be willing to reimburse you for a subscription to WorkItDaily – we are a virtual outplacement company that costs 1/12th of traditional outplacement. You should push for outplacement because it also helps them to avoid discrimination lawsuits. Ask if anyone in the company is getting outplacement. If so, then you should get the same.
  10. Who can I contact with any additional questions I may have? Never leave without an email and phone number of someone you can call. You never know what questions may pop up.

I know it can be really hard to stay clear-headed when something this traumatic is happening to you.

That’s why having a list like this now is important. It shows your employer you’ve done your homework and are prepared to deal with it as best you can.

Remember, you are a business-of-one. You are responsible for your career. Don’t let your emotions keep you from getting the information you need to get back on track.

Don’t give up! This is a temporary setback.

You will come out of this stronger.

And with the right information, you can move forward faster!

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