The modern time is accompanied by stress that delineates towards the rejuvenation of the entire being. Hectic schedule, bustled up mind, exhausted body, and disputed soul calls for a reviving holiday, which can’t be fulfilled by the traditional vacation. This calls for the yoga retreat, where you can satiate your wandering soul, relax, and emerge into the holistic practice of yoga.

There are ample reasons to go on a yoga retreat, but still the question – are yoga retreats worth it surely do cross our mind. Yoga retreats are essential in every possible sense, and here are the best ten convincing reasons to make you pack your yoga-travel bag right away.

Because you Need Time for Self

The modern busy life of today refrains us from doing the things that we love to do and even, spending time with self. Yoga vacation is a perfect solution to spend quality ‘me time’ at an exotic location without being worried about the life left behind.

Detox your Body to Feel Rejuvenated

At yoga retreat with certain therapies and lifestyle practices, one can detox their body and mind and feel re-energized. Not only this, yoga vacation is an ideal way of detoxifying yourself digitally.

To Deepen the Yogic Practice

It revitalizes your mind, body, and soul and blesses you with the treasure of good health. Yoga vacations let you relax and at the same time makes you deepen your yogic practice.

To Relieve Stress and Relax

When the thought of why go on yoga vacation crosses your mind, simply think of absconding from the stressful anxious situations. It supports you to relieve stress, anxiety, and keep the mind healthy.

Embrace Nature

Retreat means being at a quintessential place engulfed with picturesque landscapes, gigantic mountains, idyllic islands, mesmeric flora, scintillating beaches, and lots more. So, practicing yoga at such a serene place fills you with all the goodness of life.

To Appreciate Home and Loved Ones

Yoga retreats mean traveling far away at a quintessential place to enjoy the relaxing time with self. Being far from the home and loved ones, yoga holidays bestow you an opportunity to appreciate what you have – life, family, and friends.

Eat Well to Stay Well

We eat fast, unconsciously, and without being aware of the appetite, which causes a lot of health ruckus, but at a yoga retreat, you start eating well in order to stay well.

Meet and Greet Kinder People

A perfect getaway for those who love making friends and being with like-minded people is surely a memorable experience. At yoga holidays, you meet people from across the world that let you taste the flavors of different culture, tradition, and gives the opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Explore New Places

Yoga holiday is ideal for the yogic nomads and wanders, as they garner the opportunity to explore new places as well as work on the overall health. So, relish every bit of your retreat and visit new places.

Let go of the Past and Start Fresh

A yoga vacation is the best modus of letting go of the past – the not worthy relations, suffocating memories, and more. And at the same time, it makes you start a new life with a new perspective and outlook.

Benefits of yoga retreats, what you need to do is pack your packs and fly to garner them all.


  • Kerry Murphy

    Solo Traverller, Yoga Enthusiast

    Kerry Murphy is a solo traveler and yoga enthusiast. She has traveled to many countries and in the last couple of years to practice Yoga. She has written more than 20 articles about yoga and travel on major publications. Currently, she is working at Retreat Kula as a Content Writer.