Better Life

Contrary to what you may be thinking, you actually can turn your life around at any point. It’s never too late to start a new, better life. You might have thought it’s a thing happening only in books and movies but it can also occur in your life.

With resilience and hard work, you can create your dream life and go on to enjoy it. This article discusses the ten resolutions you can undertake that are guaranteed to convert your life from boring and mundane to exciting and peaceful.

#1: Create more time for family

Nothing will change your life more rapidly than spending time with your family. Your family loves you genuinely and they want the best for you. They will encourage you and lovingly point out for you the areas you need to improve. You can also share with them the areas you are struggling with, and they will be willing to help you.

#2: Volunteer

Volunteering and helping other people helps you feel good about yourself. At the same time, you will meet different people while you are volunteering, thus creating an atmosphere of togetherness and purpose. When you feel your life has a purpose you get motivated to do better in your life too.

#3: Exercise

Exercise is recommended for overall good health and you are required to exercise religiously every week. Other than the health benefits associated with exercise, it also releases feel-good hormones that, as the name suggests, boost your mood and inspire you to make your life better.

#4: Become more charitable

According to studies, giving stimulates the brain’s pleasure regions and gives you a warm radiance. This effect will make you motivated to better your life as you will feel relevant and socially connected to other people.

#5: Smile

The simple act of smiling releases the hormones serotonin and endorphins which makes you feel good, relieves pain and makes you relaxed. You are more likely to work on your life if you are happy with yourself. Similarly, people love associating with other happy people, and you will make more friends making your life better.

#6: Eat healthily

Other than making you pack on the pounds, junk food is known to give you empty calories, and you miss out on important nutrients. Lack of these nutrients causes you to be depressed which will make you unable to turn your life around. A balanced diet consisting of healthy foods, on the other hand, will give you energy and in turn, motivation to improve your life. You should not cut out on junk food entirely but indulge only once in a while. Daily make sure to eat food that builds your body and maintains good health since good health is your biggest investment.

#7: Declutter

Are you a hoarder? Believe it or not, clutter in your living space or workplace is n eyesore to you that eventually creeps into your soul. It bogs you down and stresses you, leaving you depressed. So if you want to make your life better, get rid of clutter so that you can focus and make your life better.

#8: Have some alone time

Taking time to be alone will help you reflect on your life and assess what is your greatest strength and weakness. Reflecting on your life is important because you can think about the areas of your life that are now working and map out ways to work on them. This is in contrast to always being in the midst of people where you are busy chatting and have no time to think about pertinent issues in your life. Quiet me-time gives you a chance to seriously evaluate your life and think out solutions which will improve your life.

#9: Work with a budget

To make your life better financially learn to work with a budget. Budgeting helps you to be in control of your finances, and when you conquer that area, you have one less reason to be stressed out. Make a simple budget on your own and stick to it. This way you will know your daily, weekly and monthly expenses and you won’t splurge your cash on stuff you don’t need. You will afford to make savings and do things that better your life like going back to school or starting a business.

#10; Quit complaining and start being grateful

We all hate complainers, don’t we? Do not, therefore, be that person who believes the worst about everyone else and every situation. Complaining only acts to drain you out of energy and drive people away from you. Complaining also wires you to see the worst in everything and eventually changes your mind only to become pessimistic. This way you will not put any effort to improve your life because you believe it cannot be changed. You should instead learn to see the good in every situation since this will make you enthusiastic about improving your life.

The bottom line

Instead of waking up every day dreading your life and thinking about how things will never change, take control and use the above resolutions to build a life other people will want to have. Spend more time with family, volunteer for noble causes, make exercise a part of your routine, give to the needy, smile, play like a child, eat healthily, give genuine compliments, spend some time alone, and stop complaining. Which resolution are you going to implement first? It’s simple. Get started by choosing the easiest and get running with it, and before you know it, your life will be awesome.