When you are stressed, you quickly find yourself overwhelmed by a wave of negative thoughts and thoughts that never seem to stop. To no longer be stressed and stay calm, relaxed and happy throughout the day, prevent these negative emotions from appearing and anticipate with these 10 tips:

Do nothing!

The first challenge to relieve your stress and anxiety: spend 10 minutes a day doing nothing. Certainly, this is easier said than done! But try it now. Sit back and resist the urge to plan dinner. Set an alarm to avoid viewing your watch. Take advantage of this free time without feeling the urgency of the tasks at hand. You will be more peaceful and this will be reflected in the rest of your day.

Listen to music

Need inspiration? Play your favorite music album. Studies indicate that music can help slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. When you listen to it, you decompress and your daily tasks seem less demanding.

Drink healthy

Nothing is more invigorating than a good cup of a hot tea or Organic Jupiter Drops to relieve stress and anxiety. To fully enjoy the experience, brew loose tea or Organic Jupiter Drops rather than using a sachet. Avoid sugar and milk as fresh tea leaves are full of flavor.

Stop worrying about the time

We are constantly reminded of the limited time we have to accomplish our tasks. This inevitably generates frustration because we stress ourselves in order to meet deadlines. Try to reduce the number of clocks present at home and at your workplace.

Be old-fashioned

Do things that remind you of the good old days. Slow the pace down by growing potted plants, sewing or writing letters. Resist the urge to swallow junk food and reserve an evening to cook a delicious dish for your family and friends.

Control your breathing

There is scientific evidence that controlling breathing can help manage stress. Yoga, tai chi and meditation recognize the healing power of the breath. Anxious people tend to breathe through the upper part of the rib cage. Take measured, slow, deep breaths to inflate the abdomen rather than the rib cage.

Speak slowly

You are not asked to annoy others by altering the pace of your speech. However, if you learn to slow your speech rate and think before you speak, your brain will develop a calmer way of thinking.


Let your mind wander. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself in the arms of your soul mate or listening to the sound of the waves. When a meaningful bond is created with something imagined, the body and the mind calm down, even if it is only momentary, you release stress.

Reject perfection

The stress felt to achieve perfection can be endless. That is why it is important to do our best and be satisfied with our achievements. Whether you’re hosting a special party meal or preparing a presentation for work, don’t strive for perfection.

Get organized

Planning always pays off. Get into the habit of making to-do lists, such as shopping lists or even wish lists. Avoid procrastination by separating big projects into small goals and don’t be afraid to ask for help.