Life certainly has its own ways to reveal itself to us in its full potential and in practically a thousand different ways. Sometimes it feels good and sometimes we doubt if everything is going according to our perfect plans or not?

But the truth is that it doesn’t always, isn’t it so?

Life has its own ways to break us down and kneel. And amid all this the main concern which rises is in spite of that how can one lead an optimistic and well-balanced life? Even if most of the things are not going according to our plans and are turning altogether different from what we thought and had envisioned it.

Well, these simple nuggets may help you in enhancing your perspective!

#1. It All Comes Down To Satisfaction

Yeah, that’s what life is all about! ‘‘Satisfaction’’ Everyone on the planet including you and me are thriving and craving for just this one thing and only we know that what kind of things we do to achieve this state of happiness which is always elusive.

It doesn’t remain in one place for a long time. And you only feel satisfied till the time your senses are full with the sense of achievement and the moment it vanishes. You are on again!

So then…

#2. How To Achieve Satisfaction

The first thing we need to understand here is that you can’t achieve a sense of satisfaction by just doing one thing over and over again no matter how much you like it.

The key here is to sometimes stop, take a break and do things which are fun and can help you distract your mind for good. In short, take some time just for yourself.

And if that doesn’t work well then

#3. Indulge Yourself In Something Bigger Than You

It could be a cause like participating in charitable activities, helping children finances their education. The point here is to do something selflessly and for the greater good.

This way you will feel that your life has a purpose and that you do can make a difference. However, it is to be noted here that for leading a balanced and optimistic life you need to live by the combination of all of the above.

#4. Family Is Important As Well

Giving time to family and people who care about you and are with you no matter what kind of situation you face are needed to be cherished and taken care of. Always remember that the people in your life can prove to be your support system and it is them who push you for the good when the time comes.

#5. Be Responsible For Your Own Happiness

Never expect and never place your happiness in other people hands. Because in the end they will always disappoint and you also need to realize that it is solely you who is responsible and liable for your own happiness.

Learn to work towards it. Strive for it and cherish it.

#6. Expect The Unexpected

Life can suddenly take another route or altogether a u-turn without telling you. There is no arguing in that because it is the nature of life which is ‘‘change’’

And that is what you need to understand about it. Take it as if you here on a tour and must experience life in its full scope and fragility.

#7. Challenge Yourself A Little

It is a great way to lead a fulfilling and balanced life. You are not here to get up every day, get ready and go to that 9-5 job. Maybe, it does help in securing a living and a credible future but that is not what there is to life.

It has so much more. And for that, you need to challenge yourself a little. And it can be as small as changing your routine a little to going on that morning walk or maybe not taking that extra cube or spoon of sugar in your coffee or tea.

Start small. Aim big. Don’t quit.

#8. Take Life As An Experience

Always remember and make that a mindset that you are not going to be here on this planet always. The sooner you understand that you have got limited timeframe the better.

So, work towards something which adds value to not just your but other people lives as well.

#9. Fall In Love

What better way to lead a fulfilling life? Love is the most incredible emotion humans can experience. It is worth living for and worth dying for.

Try falling in love and see the change for yourself. It is definitely the most amazing way to lead an optimistic life because when you are in love you somehow automatically strive to be a better human being. That is the power of it.

#10. Gratitude

Above all, stay humble and express gratitude towards life. Be thankful for the relevance and vitality which you have been provided with because there are many who don’t have that in their lives like you. And in the end

• Do what you love

• Spend time with loved ones

• Do whatever you can which is in your power to make the world a better place.