Black-owned businesses are on the rise, but many of them face obstacles when trying to generate revenue. For example, it can be difficult for these brands to advertise themselves and even make a profit. Luckily, some black-owned companies have found ways around this challenge through creativity and sustainability. We will share five sustainable black-owned brands that have thrived in an industry dominated by white competitors.

1) Tasha K

Tasha K is a clothing brand that focuses on creating clothes for black women while remaining socially and environmentally conscious. All of their items are made in America, ensuring quality and care throughout the production process. They use recycled materials when possible to reduce waste and excess pollution from manufacturing processes. Tasha K creates cute but simple pieces that are perfect for everyday wear.

2) The Golden Seed

The Golden Seed is a New Orleans-based company that creates all of its products by hand. They are committed to creating high-quality goods while also ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all workers in each step of the production process. Additionally, they donate five percent of profits to organizations working with youth development programs around the world.

3) The Locals Apparel

The Locals Apparel is a clothing company that was created to support vulnerable communities. They work with women in the Congo, fighting against sexual exploitation and violence while also helping them gain economic independence through fair trade employment. Furthermore, they create all of their products by hand using organic cotton whenever possible. By purchasing products from The Locals Apparel, you are helping support women around the world while also showing your love for sustainable fashion.

4) Slumlove

Slum Love is a brand that was created to spread awareness about the harsh living conditions in Rwanda. Every product sold contributes to feeding, clothing, and educating young people in parts of Africa where poverty has become an epidemic. By purchasing products from SlumLove, you are helping give back to those who need them most while also looking stylish.

5) Kuyichi

Kuyichi is a sustainable brand that was created to bring about positive change in the fashion industry. They give their workers fair wages and opportunities for growth while also making sure all items are produced with organic cotton whenever possible. In addition, they donate one percent of their sales to organizations looking to end global poverty. By purchasing items from Kuyichi, you can feel good about both your fashion sense and helping to create a better world.