Asphalt is one of the options that is best adapted to achieve a durable floor that does not involve much wear and tear. It is perfect for places that are heavily trafficked by vehicles and also by people. Throughout this text, we show you the 10 things you need to know about Asphalt repair.

However, on many occasions, to achieve another aesthetic value, asphalt is replaced by other materials such as paving stone. But it does not withstand wear well and requires more maintenance actions to achieve optimal use. So how do we get a floor that is sturdy and easy to maintain but also has a good aesthetic appearance? To meet this need, there is the Asphalt repair that combines the benefits of this material with the customization capacity that adds a high aesthetic value. Next, we tell you what are the most important points you should know about this resource:

  1. Asphalt repair is the standard to which a printing technique is applied

 To achieve a relief with a specific appearance that looks like cobblestone. The result is very aesthetic and can be used for various purposes such as the floor of an outdoor shopping center.

  • The impression is achieved by means of a mesh made with a specific design

 That is applied on the asphalt while it is still hot when after being placed or by reheating the one already installed. That is, you can change the appearance of an existing surface of this material.

Asphalt can get a unique look thanks to printing techniques

3. Can get color for asphalt. With the Street Print technique, the color that best suits the client’s taste can be applied to the surface of the printed asphalt, so you can achieve a specific aesthetic result to any image.

4. Any shape can be achieved. The mesh used for printing can use simple or more elaborate geometric shapes. You can pinpoint continuous designs or set bolder shapes to pinpoint relevant locations.

5. A custom design. The versatility offered by Asphalt repair allows creativity to be unleashed to create a design tailored to your floor. With this, the possibilities are endless to achieve the desired decoration for any space.

6. with all the advantages of asphalt. The does not affect the quality of the material on which you work with what you will continue to enjoy all its functional characteristics without any type of deterioration.

7. Easy maintenance. The printing technique takes advantage of the durability of asphalt to keep it looking flawless for a long time. You will save incidents such as the growth of weeds that occur on cobblestone floors. The Street Print also helps by adding resistance to the asphalt.

8. without major interventions. Thanks to the existing machinery it can be achieved without involving a real burden when creating or modifying a space. You can easily achieve unique results with great impact.

9. At a lower cost. Printed asphalt is less expensive than other floors that claim to have the same aesthetic function. That is, by paying less you will get the same results.

10. Many utilities. In addition to the aesthetic function, this type of asphalt can be used for other purposes such as the delimitation of sidewalks or signaling. Without a doubt, it is a resource to take into account.

Asphalt repair achieves great benefits associated with a high quality and resistant material. If you need to rehabilitate the pavement of sidewalks or roads, do not hesitate to opt for this material!