Taking better care of our mind, body and spirit is the key to boosting our overall well-being. We often associate this with balance, acceptance, understanding and nourishment. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to improve your happiness and overall well-being:

1. Stay Positive

When maintaining a positive lifestyle, it is important to have an optimistic viewpoint in every negative situation. Surround yourself with people who are always smiling, always thinking about the good of every situation and those who look forward to the future. Choose to eliminate all of the negative people in your life.

2. Live in the Present

Being in the present, means that we are aware and mindful of what is happening around us at any given moment. Don’t get distracted by the events that have occurred in the past and don’t worry about what the future holds. Everything that happens, happens in the present moment.

3. Practice Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal and write down 3 things you are grateful for each day. These don’t have to be huge accomplishments, it can be something as simple as appreciating the weather for the day. Find gratitude in your challenges by thinking about how a particular experience can help shape your future.

4. Discover or Rediscover a Passion

Make time for the things you are passionate about. Whether you pick up a new hobby like sewing or reading or rediscovering your love of sports by signing up for a local league it is important to find these joys and implement them into your daily life.

5. Get Inspired

You can find inspiration in nearly everything from online quotes to books or podcasts. A few additional ideas to get inspired include: spending more time outdoors, starting a new project, going to an art gallery, visiting a new city, or joining a local networking group.

6. Be Active

Going for a walk, exploring the outdoors, gardening, dancing and exercising are all great for your well-being. Being active is a natural mood booster and aides in managing stress and anxiety while also promoting a positive attitude and outlook.

7. Continue Learning New Skills

Learning new things isn’t just good for your brain, but also great for improving your overall performance and way of life. By learning new skills and acquiring more knowledge, you are rewiring your brain, improving your memory and becoming more productive all at the same time.

8. Take Time to Laugh

We often take life too seriously. Talk to a friend who has a good sense of humor, think about a funny story from the past, tell a joke or watch a funny movie.

9. Unplug

Think of it this way, almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including yourself. With the rise of technology, it is important to power down, reconnect with the world and get more creative with our time. Consider setting aside a block of time each day to unplug.

10. Do Something for Others

Generosity has benefits for both the giver as well as the receiver. Helping others makes us happier, reduces our stress and is the key to increasing our overall happiness and well-being. Wish others well, write someone a thank you card, leave a note on someone’s car or simply hold the door open for someone.