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Student’s engagement and their understanding of concepts is given more emphasis in today’s education over spoon feeding the facts. Therefore, using black-boards or typical lecture methods are not adequate to teach.
All the teachers out there; Have you ever caught your students glancing into space, doing other stuff, talking to each other or doing some mischief and detracting others? You may find that your students are unfocused and out to launch. Many educators have been trying new teaching strategies to keep their students on their toes and get them excited about learning. Some strategies fail and that is why students hire an essay writer or a tutor, but many are proved to be beneficial also.

Following are a few quite effective ways to keep your teaching interesting.
1. Don’t repeat the material that you have already taught.
It’s appropriate and essential to review the previously read material, but try not to repeat it in a class by you. Tell the students to start reading and discussing. Involvement of students is very important so that they don’t feel bored. Repetition of the material makes it less interesting for students.
2. Create classroom games for teaching.
Playing games is always a fun activity, whether you are 6 or 36. It is a good way to attract students and increase their interest in your lesson. You can conduct a spelling-bee to make them remember the difficult spellings. Games in class are a prescription for happy kids as it makes learning fun. For math problems, you can conduct a math-bee.
3. Use of technology
To keep your lessons interesting, technology is a great way. Children love electronics due to many reasons, so try incorporating it into your overall teaching strategy. Instead of lecturing in front of the class, try using a smart board interactive display. You can use technology in a variety of ways, and you’ll see the interesting level in your classroom increasing by leaps and bound. Internet provides every one with many facilities. Many students learn a lot of things from online tutorials and buy essay help from online academic writers. So ranging from school level to doctorate level, there are numerous opportunities that is provided by internet for education purpose.
4. Don’t make your teaching something serious
Being a teacher your biggest responsibility is to check whether all the students are comfortable with your way of teaching also with your attitude. Your job is to be an effective teacher. It does not mean that you have to teach all the time and have no fun. Remaining serious all the time can make your students lose interest at some points while studying. Try to loosen up a little bit and recognize the different interests of students. Maybe they come up with different learning styles and ideas. It is alright to laugh and have fun with your students sometimes and you will find that your students will be more interested and comfortable with you when you’re a little more relaxed.
5. Incorporate mystery and surprise
Everyone loves surprises because it makes the mind to imagine many things and creates a sense of excitement. You can make learning more fun for your students when they will have no idea about what you are going to teach. Try to incorporate mystery into your lessons and a sense of surprise for your students. When you are about to start a new lesson you can provide your students with some clues and then your students will look forward to finding out what they are going to learn about next. Ask some questions related to the lesson you are teaching; it will create more attentiveness and focus towards your teaching because nobody knows whom you will ask for the answer.
6. Offer your students choices
One strategy that a teacher should opt for is that you should give choices to your students so that they can feel free to go with an option they find better. By finding the ability to make their own choices, students learn more efficiently and responsibly. When students don’t have any choice for writing an essay they buy essay help which is okay but not in the case when they do it too often. Next time you are going to plan for a test or essay make sure to provide choice so that your students find it interesting. You can provide 4 topics and ask them to prepare for two for the first day and two for the next test. It will cover up all 4 topics but also give your students the option to choose any topic according to their interest.
7. Storytelling and role play
Everyone loves to hear stories and students also. Storytelling is one of the best ways to attract the student’s attention in class. You can relate many stories with the lessons you are teaching. Asking students for any real-life story related to the topic is also a good way to make teaching interesting. You can explain the facts of biology or the laws of physics in the form of stories easily. Grab the attention of students with the innovative method of role play. In such activities, students get involved physically and also learn new concepts.
8. Virtual science labs
Today in almost every school, a science lab is available for students. Science is a practical subject that needs justifications for all its laws. This approach gives hands-on experience of learning the subject without much expense. Detailed diagrams, illustrations, and practical experiments allow students to virtually get to know more about the subject.
9. Projects
Projects can be assigned to students as a group activity or as an individual. This method involves choosing the idea, building the plan, executing and finally evaluating it. Working in a group develops the characteristics of cooperation and tolerance. Students express their ideas, overcome through many challenges and problem solving helps them in many streams. They improve their research skills and get to experience many new things that a teacher cannot teach that easily.
10. Video clips and power points
Students learn the most when they see and listen to something together. Video clips are a very interesting way to explain complex topics to students. Every teacher should use this concept. You can use the videos for demonstrations of an idea or it can be a video of a scientist explaining any law of science. Tutorials by experts are also very effective or you can create your own video or a presentation through PowerPoint. You can create a presentation including slides. Different slide explaining different part of the topic deeply.