Looking for a way to show how much you cherish your loved ones? Actually, there are a thousand ways of doing so. It needs to come from the heart and the inspiration will come on its own. The main idea is to be unique and to do something no one else has ever thought of, but it can really be hard to do that especially when all the cool ideas have already been taken.

Even though it is hard to show how much a beloved person means to you, there are ways to do so. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money and do the usual things. You can try and be creative and surprise them in a unique way. Here are 10 ways that we propose for you to surprise the person you love.

1. Make a Unique Photo Collage

Try showing your affection to the person you love by making a photo collage. It may seem hard to make one but it actually becomes a lot easier when you start. The main idea is to capture all the best moments and make him or her relive them again. Just find all your favorite pictures together and get creative.

There are two ways of making one. You can go old school and use real photos that you have in your photo album. Or make a new age collage by using all the digital ones from your hard drive. The result is essentially the same and you will see when the person you are giving it to smiles.

Make a Unique Photo Collage

2. Send Flowers

Sending flowers might seem like something not really innovative. But it still works and can be used on various different occasions. It best works as an anniversary gift, whether it is Valentine’s Day or if you are celebrating the anniversary of your relationship. But it works even better if you send it without a particular reason.

Your significant other will not expect you sending her flowers for no apparent reason. You can say that it is “because I love you,” or “because you mean so much to me.” Either way showing your affection this way is a tremendous way to make that person happy. Hire a flower delivery service and send flowers while she is at work or when she is doing nothing in particular. It will mean the world to her.

3. Invite Them to a Surprise Picnic

Picnics are great! And they are even better when they are organized as a surprise. Spending a day in nature on a sunny day alone together is truly romantic. But if you go out of your way and organize everything without her knowing it makes it even better.

Make all the preparation yourself. Order her favorite dessert, or make it yourself. When you have all you need in place just call her and say “Honey I have a surprise for you! I’m taking your somewhere special today. And by the way, you don’t need heals for this!”

4. Candlelight Pizza Dinner

sweet pizza for your birthday

Remember the good old days when people were much more romantic and when they constantly took their significant others to a fancy dinner. Even though those days are still not gone and there are people who still enjoy having a date night, a lot of people simply don’t have the time for it. So you can organize a fancy dinner by yourself.

What better way to do that than making or ordering a pizza. Arrange everything as if you are going to a fancy dinner party. Set the mood with some music and candlelight. You can even dress up if you want. But the best part comes with a pizza that shows that this is a casual way of celebrating your love.

5. Pamper Them With a Foot Massage

Your significant other spends a lot of time working. She is often tired when she comes home and doesn’t have time to really relax. The best way to release tension is to give her a foot massage and make her feel relax.

So next time she comes exhausted from work, welcome her with a homemade foot massage parlor. You can get your own essential oils and ingredients and give her a very relaxing treatment. Don’t forget to set the mood and do everything to make the situation as relaxing as possible.  

6. Make Their Favorite Dessert

If your loved one has a sweet tooth then you know what you have to do. This means that you can surprise them with a dessert that they love. People often do this by ordering a cake or pie from their favorite pastry shop. But it works much better if you make it yourself.

Find the recipe on the internet or a tutorial video and make their favorite cookies. Surprise your significant other when she least expect it by presenting it to them in a representative way. They will cherish it much more when they know that it was you who made it all by your lonesome.

7. Breakfast in Bed

Treat your loved one with breakfast in bed. The usual way to do this is to make everything that she loves and present it to her. But make sure to do it in a romantic way to spice things up.

Besides making her favorite breakfast make sure to add a card, with a poem if you can, and a rose to go. Orange juice is fine but when you can add ingredients that spell I love you it works much better. You can even play around with the food a bit by writing something or making a smiley face.

Breakfast in Bed

8. Dance With Them

If your significant other is into music, then you simply have to find time to dance with her. You can do so by planning a date night and going out so you can dance together. You can also invite her to go out with you without warning and take her to the nearest place to dance.

But if you really want to go out and be romantic you can dance with her in the sunset. Find a suitable place, invite her without telling her where you are going, put on some music from your car and dance the dusk away.

9. Make a Romantic Treasure Hunt

Create your own romantic treasure hunt and surprise you significant other. If you are a creative person this will be a perfect way for you to express your love and how you actually feel towards her. You can do it however you want as long as it is a surprise and as long as it has a reward at the end.

First, decide on the prize. You can make it something that she really likes or a special gift that you have always wanted to give to her. See to it that you make the quest interesting and that you add clues that only you and her know the answer to. But make sure that she does not know what you are up to before you start.

10. Take Them to Your Special Place

Every couple has their own special place. It can be a place where they first met or a place where they got engaged. Either way, it is something that means a lot to them and a place that they like coming back to in order to relieve their memories.

So make this a special occasion and arrange to go to your special place together. She doesn’t need to know where you are going to but make sure that you make it special. You can add decorations or organize somebody to play your favorites song there. The only limit is your very own imagination and you don’t even have to do it for a special occasion. Sometimes you can even do it just to say I love you.