Goal setting is a prominent ideology, particularly for those of us who are looking to change our current state of affairs. Nonetheless, what is perhaps the biggest question on goal setting is “how do you set goals if you are not sure about what you want?”. Typically, there is a relatively precarious illusion that you can get what you want only if you know what you want. With more often than not, individuals who ultimately become successful in their endeavors know precisely what type of life they want, although not precisely what they want. 

The other common illusion is that even by knowing what you want; it is also unlikely that you might end up getting exactly that. Accomplishing what you desire may actually result in disappointment since we are not necessarily sure what is ideal for us until we allow our life experiences to shape us. 

Acknowledging that you may not always get what you want and that this might be actually good for you is a great start. While this is not to suggest that floating in life without any particular goals is a great idea, it is, however, essential that you deliberately plan as well as set goals. Constant reviews of how you want to ultimately live assists you in fully maximizing the life you have-and subsequently living it to the fullest.

Nonetheless, if you are not sure what you want but want to set goals, it is still quite possible. Below are ten ways you can set goals even if you are unsure about precisely that which you want. 

Start With What You Enjoy

Undeniably, all of us have natural passions and interests. These represent the things that really excite us, even though they may bemuse our close friends and family. Whether it is basketball that really excites you or music…it can be anything!

Take this as a starting point and outline about five or even ten things which you really delight in. Of all those things, is there one that might actually have a goal within them? Maybe you have always had the desire to coach a basketball league or something. What goals emerge from your passion? Can your hobbies be part of a more significant and more meaningful thing in life? Think about it… 

Loosen Up Your Idea Of “Goals.”

Unfortunately, we usually presume that goals have to be something massive. Perhaps, you have the impression that your goals must either be about money or what society perceives as a success.

Goals’ are basically something that you would like to achieve or do. It may be purchasing a car or a house, or it could even be a thing that might be of more significance to no other person but you!
In essence, a goal is not something that you feel that you should achieve/do; and any professional life coach will drive you away from any goals which have been imposed on you by other individuals. 

The Lottery Theory!

Congratulations, you are now the proud winner of 1 million dollars! I am certain that you didn’t think you’d won a million bucks by reading this excerpt. Nonetheless, consider this, take a moment and imagine that you just won a million dollars in the latest lottery draw. After getting over the initial shocker, you grasp that your life has ultimately changed for good. I bet you are already picturing yourself jumping with jubilation and excitement.

So, precisely how will you redefine your life henceforth? After all, don’t you have all the funds you need to build a better life? Now that you have started thinking of what you could change or do, list down all those items and begin to transform your life from today. 

Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane, No It’s….You!

If the winning the lottery didn’t quite do it for you, it might be that money is not your biggest motivator…or you have never even played any lotteries-and this might be a problem. Alternatively, how would you feel to have some superpowers instead? Imagine if you woke up as Superman and you could do virtually anything as you pleased without worrying about anybody stopping you.

Besides fighting bad guys, how would you spend your free time? Precisely what would you be doing with your time if no one else knew of your superpowers, and nothing is stopping you from doing it? Get started with those goals, Superman! 

Use Technology To Your Benefit: 

What goals do you have in mind? Is it shedding off some extra weight or earning more money? Luckily for you, there is an app for all those things. 

Yes, there are now apps to help you do almost anything! Notwithstanding what your goals are, apps are quite handy since they can aid you monitor and track your progress towards reaching your goal that is an excellent way to remaining motivated. You can consider them your accountability coach and partner, right on your palm.

Tip: while most individuals hate push notifications, ensure you enable them to get a regular reminder of your goals. 

Some of the most popular and useful apps include: 

Stash-iPhone and Personal Capital for Money goals

Healthy Wage and Charity Miles for Fitness

What Are The Critical Life Areas? Make A List And Pursue Them

What are some of the key areas of your life? Exactly what actions can you take to enhance these areas? If you still have no idea, you can take these suggestions on the primary key areas as outlined by Jack Canfield, in his “The Success Principles”:

• Personal development
• Financial 
• Physical health
• Relationships
• Job/career
• Community

What Types Of Experiences And Feelings Would You Want In Your Life? 

Do you have an idea of the experiences or type of feelings you would want to feel or have in your key life areas? What types of individuals do you desire to work with? What activities boost your self-esteem or energize you? Of course, you do. Make a list of those experiences and feelings and start working on them.

When you have no idea of that which you want, it is better and more fruitful to set your goals based on the type of days you desire to live rather than on achievement. 

Shift Your Focus From Goals To Breakthroughs

At times, even when you are moving in the right direction in your life, you can get stuck. At such point, what you need is a breakthrough rather than a goal. 

To get going, ask yourself this “where is it that you are stuck?”

There are various breakthrough processes you can use. In essence, you are making an erroneous assumption about what is real/true. This assumption is evaluating all practical solutions to you moving forward, and once you get what it is, you will stop getting stuck. 

Stick To Your System/Routine 

According to Scott Adams, a renowned cartoonist, goals may fail, but systems are things that you do each day. There will be better days than others, and you should not base your life on failure and success.

For instance, if you have a routine for keeping fit like proper dieting, exercise, and good sleep, then you cannot be hampered by the fixed goal system of 21-days fitness program! All you need to do is stick to your system. Not only is it efficient, but it is less stressful. 

Don’t Give Up Even On Failure!

In the end, no matter how many ways you use to set your goals, the most vital thing is to follow through them and Never Give Up even on failure! If you set too many goals, the chances are that you might fail in one or a few areas.

Nonetheless, don’t allow this to discourage you from your course. Instead, highlight your goals based on priority and start with those, and give the rest a relatively longer duration to achieve. In essence, achieving one goal is better than ultimately quitting on all your goals. Keep going despite failure, and you will be surprised at the results.

Remember, whatever your target is, there is always a way to accomplish it. What’s most important is learning how you can set goals in a manner that suits you; and the rest is knowing yourself, being your motivator, and realizing that if you really want something, you’ll always get a way of accomplishing it.