Here are 10 ways by which you can transform your presentation into a killer presentation:

1)As soon as you enter the conference Hall,Be professional.(Imagine yourself to be in a reality show where the hidden cameras are people’s eyes who may seem irrelevant,but,May turn out to be the most influential professionals around)

2)Always start with a Bang!(Remember,People are most likely to make a firm impression about you in the first 8 seconds)It is because back in stone age,We had to decide whether the other person or animal is a friend or a foe in some seconds as it would decide our survival,Hence,the audience is bound to judge the presenter  instinctively in the first few seconds. 

3)Start with a story.(Our brain is hardwired to hear stories,the reason being that we have grown from our childhood by stories,like-Once upon a …).So,A story normally has a energy shift that is more bad the bad part is,more better the good part would sound.(The theory of relativity kicks in).So,You can say something like this:The bells were ringing,The doors shutting and the sky thundering and I was shivering.Then,Suddenly the door opened and I was scared and almost had a heart attack until I saw it was no other than my mom who had opened the door though her set of keys of the house.(More expressive we are and the more vivid the description is,The better the story sounds)

4)Begin the presentation and gradually Build it up.(Though an Energy Shift may be very useful.An Energy shift is providing something which no one expected,It would give your presentation’s impression as Remarkable)

5)Be Remarkable!( Remarkability is when you do something which no one expects you to do.Like For eg: Remember a video going viral where a sketch artist has 60 seconds to draw a sketch,After the time ends,the drawing looks absolutely nothing,but,as soon as he inverts the sheet,To everyone’s surprise,It becomes an amazing sketch of a person.

At the end of the day,It was just a sketch,but,the way he did it made it remarkable)

6) Make people feel special.(If someone in the crowd is bothering you and disturbing you,Don’t insult him,Rather,While you are speaking,Just give him a compliment,Like,The revenue model of our company is as good as Mr.X’s T-shirt.

7)Normally,Use Black colours as the background for your PowerPoint slides.

8)Use Figures of Speech in your talks.(Like Simile,For eg:You can say We both do wanders together,So let’s join hands.Or you can say:If i am the bow and you become the arrow,Together,We will hit the Bull’s Eye.Here,Figures of speech used are Simile and Transferred Epithet(Something This+Something That =Something Great)

9) Remember,You are human,so you can commit mistakes.(For eg:If you don’t know the answer to a question asked,Kindly say:That is an interesting question that didn’t occur to me,I would make sure that I research on it and would get back to you on this and give a nice smile which indicates you the unanswered question didn’t lessen your confidence and go ahead say:Any more questions?)

10)Use the principle ‘Similar but Different’.Like,For eg:Use the same font in all the slides,Have the same sort of boundaries(If any),But,Be different by using beautiful pictures,Sometimes use graphs,Let one slide only have text,Let one or two slides include Cartoons(Representative of something).

Here’s a Bonus Tip:

The text on your slides should not be like Long answer question,Rather,Sort of Fill In the Blanks,In which what you say would be filling the blanks.


About the Author:Vanky Kataria is the the founder of ‘Science of Everything’,Nominated for the Runner-up award in the GENIUS-U’s Educator Certification Program,2017 which invited entries from educators all around the world.An award winning presenter for India and Guest Faculty at Rasbihari International School.


  • Vanky Kenny Kataria

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    Vanky Kenny Kataria is an engineer turned motivational speaker and personal brand consultant. He's a two time Tedx speaker and has been featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, MSN, Reader's Digest, etc and in books like '30&Under'. 'PeopleMaven' named him one of the Top 13 Emerging Communication Skills Coaches from around the world and has also been awarded with the prestigious 'Radio Mirchi's Youth Icon' of Nashik. He has keynoted at conferences such as the 'Coca Cola Youth Speak Forum' held at Nashik, 2017 and is also the brand ambassador of India for 'Host Your Voice'. He's also a contributor to international publications like Thrive Global, KivoDaily, Better Days Global and others.