What are your visions for your life in 2020 and beyond? Are you ready for something exponentially greater? Now is the time to set the stage for change.

How many changes do you think you’d have to make to have your life be easier, more abundant, and a whole lot more fun? Actually, the biggest and most effective change you can make is to let go of your limiting points of view.

The ways we limit ourselves is vast. Yet, we can also empower ourselves to move beyond limitations. Practicing these 10 tips will give you a whole lot more freedom in creating more for your life:

1. Stop seeing problems, start seeing possibilities.

If you didn’t think you had any problems, would you? For every problem you have in your life, your business, your relationships, or anywhere else, start asking, “What’s the possibility here that I’m not getting?” Be willing to become aware of the different choices you have.

2. Don’t try to figure it out.

When you ask for possibilities, it’s not about looking for answers. Do you assess every situation and try to figure out what’s the right or wrong answer? In truth, there is no right or wrong. Acknowledge that the options you’ve been considering are definitely not all that are available. Be willing to allow way more into your life. With any creation, the possibilities are exponentially greater than what we can measure or calculate. 

3. Let go of definitions.

How often do you define your life in contrast and comparison to everyone else? Letting go of everything you’ve defined that should or shouldn’t be grants you the freedom to look at what it is you’d truly like to have and create. Definitions in any part of your life–your body, your business, your relationships, anywhere–will always limit you.

4. No more reasons and justifications.

Whatever you’ve decided are the obstacles you can’t get around in order to have what you desire, are the reasons and justifications you’re using to limit your life. Every single person on the planet has a story they can use to remain small if they choose. Is that enough for you? Make a demand of yourself that your situation changes, whatever it takes. Be willing to see possibilities for creating your life in totally different ways.

5. Acknowledge you more.

What capacities and gifts do you have that you’re not acknowledging? Write a list of everything that you have a capacity with. This can be anything from an ability to multitask or remain calm in a crisis, to specific skills you’ve cultivated. Acknowledge everything, even if it’s so second nature to you that it hardly seems like a capacity at all. It is. 

If you were truly utilizing all the capacities you have available, what else would be possible for you that’s greater than you’ve ever considered? 

6. Choose what’s fun for you.

Living joyfully is not only an option, it invites so much more into your life. Look at everywhere you’re not having an enjoyable time in your life right now and start asking what choices can you make that would allow it to be fun for you. What mindset are you in? What points of view could you change to enjoy every aspect of your life more?

7. Go outside your comfort zone.

Are you trying to control the choices you make based on the comfort you’ve decided you have to have? Most people associate discomfort with there being a problem. What if discomfort could be feedback for you that you’re choosing beyond limitations and inviting in something greater? Every time you choose beyond your comfort zone, you allow your life to expand into more.

8. Let yourself be judged.

Most people spend their lives trying to avoid judgment, yet people will judge you no matter what you choose. Making yourself smaller doesn’t eliminate judgment, it only eliminates options for your life. Willingness to be judged allows you to create your life as bold and enjoyably as you desire without slowing yourself down for anyone else’s point of view. 

9. Commit to your future.

Every single choice you’re making right now is creating your future. Start looking at your choices and asking, “Will this contribute to the future I know is possible?” Rather than judging if what you’re doing is right, notice if it makes you feel heavier or lighter. What’s light will always create more. What future are you committed to creating?

10. Don’t wait. Create.

If you want your life to be greater, you have to be the one who creates it. No one is coming along to save you. What are you waiting for? You don’t have to have everything all lined up. Start creating and change will come.

Exercising these 10 tips will assist you in getting over yourself and dissolving limitations. Invite in different possibilities today to create a greater future for 2020 and beyond!


  • Simone Milasas

    Business Leader, Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, Self-confessed Compulsive Creator

    Simone Milasas is an innovative business leader, best-selling author, global speaker, and self-confessed compulsive creator. Simone’s capacity for wealth creation catapulted her from $187K in debt to a thriving and diversified portfolio including co-owner of Castello di Casalborgone in Italy, The Antique Guild and Antiques and Possibilities in Australia, and El Lugar, an Eco-retreat in Costa Rica. Simone’s approach to business for the past 30 years cannot be found inside a textbook, rather she follows the energy, listening for what she calls “the whispers of awareness and consciousness” and is always in question of what next. She is the founder of Joy of Business, a program that mentors entrepreneurs globally to create greater wealth, success, and happiness. Coinciding with this, she is also one of the main Advanced Facilitators of and Business Development Coordinator for Access Consciousness®, and Simone has been instrumental in growing the company into over 175 countries across the globe. Simone’s perspective on life is not about ticking boxes, rather to enjoy abundant living and to be fully engaged with all choices. She has always had a desire to explore all parts of the world, gaining more of her with every diverse choice she makes. Including enjoying her body with martial arts, Pilates, running, hiking, and appreciating great food and a great bottle of wine. Simone is the author of Joy of Business and best-sellers Getting Out of Debt Joyfully, translated into multiple languages and Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One? Find Simone on her weekly podcast, The Choice, Change and Action podcast, where she invites listeners to choose a different reality.