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Employee scheduling software can help businesses increase their productivity, streamline workflow processes and effectively manage employees and business operations all in one single platform. Don’t stop with scheduling alone. Take advantage of the variety of features available to you so that you can maximize the benefits that your software has to offer.

1. Choose a robust platform.

The key to getting the most out of your software lies first in choosing a platform that offers a variety of features aside from scheduling. Look for a program that supports mobile app use, can generate detailed reports, track employee time, streamline communications and provide you with the in-depth data you need to make important strategic decisions.

2. Encourage use of the digital app among your employees.

A digital app makes scheduling and communications simple and convenient. Encourage your employees to use the app on the go to improve efficiency and accountability. Your employees are much more likely to comply with their responsibilities when the process is simple and fits seamlessly within their daily lives.

3. Use the platform for task management purposes.

A platform with a built-in task management system can help your employees stay on track and accomplish their goals. Choose software that supports group collaboration, notes, the ability to upload files, track tasks and general communications.

4. Generate detailed payroll reports.

Payroll doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can also use your employee scheduling software to generate detailed, customizable payroll reports. Look for a platform that enables integration with your current accounting solutions and keep track of employee payments such as salaries, overtime and bonuses all in one convenient location.

5. Track expense reimbursements.

Did you know that many employee scheduling platforms give you the ability to track employee reimbursement requests? Stay on top of employee requests and payouts with a platform that offers highly customizable features so that you can tailor features such as this to your particular business needs.

6. Manage PTO requests

Some employee scheduling software can also give you the ability to organize, manage and track PTO requests and payments. Keep all of your PTO requests in one convenient, centralized location in order to keep everything orderly and efficient.

7. Automate important tasks.

Automate various tasks so that you can remain productive at all hours of the day. Platforms that enable mobile push notifications can help you passively keep track of important activities such as general communications and timecard creation. Automating the process of creating and organizing schedules and assigning shifts frees you up to take care of other important obligations and  increases workplace satisfaction among your employees.

8. Monitor and track employee productivity.

With detailed time sheet reports you can gain access to timecard information, employee notes and various requests so that you can effectively keep track of employee productivity and work hours. Certain software can even give you access to GPS locations, which can be especially useful to those working out of multiple sites.

9. Use photo capturing features to encourage honesty.

Employee fraud is a growing concern, especially with the implementation of remote time management software. With photo capturing features, managers are no longer in the dark about whether or not their employees are making effective use of their time. Features such as this can require employees to submit photos of themselves when clocking in and out so as to prevent “buddy punches” and screenshot capabilities help ensure your employees remain productive while they’re on the job.

10. Keep track of employee records.

You can also use your employee scheduling software as a method for organizing valuable employee data. The ability to create, organize and update key employee contact information such as phone numbers and addresses is another great feature available on various platforms that can help you keep your records conveniently in order and up to date.


Employee scheduling software can provide managers with numerous benefits aside from scheduling alone. Choose a robust platform so that you can have access to a variety of features that can help increase productivity, streamline workflows and free you up to focus on the tasks which are most important to your business operations.


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