Lack of Motivation can be a deal breaker and vice versa. If you have it, then no struggle seems to even slow you down but if you don’t have it, even the small rocks seem boulders in front. Depression, tensions, stress, worries, anxiety, etc everything seems so small and negligible when you are motivated. Everyone around us goes through this phase in his or her life when they feel lost and directionless. They feel that their actions are meaningless and they lose the sight of their goals. Today, I am going to share with you 10 best ways and tips in which you can motivate yourself and also help other people around you to get motivated. Have a look:

Tips on Motivating Yourself

1. Find out What is Stopping You From Taking Action

Now the first step that you will have to take is to find out what exactly is your barrier. Now it can be a physical barrier like a material problem for example you don’t have a certain amount of money to join a dance class which can teach you all sorts of things and stuff or is it a mental or emotional barrier for example, you have not been able to process it. So this is something you need to introspect.

2. Don’t Wait

How many people out there wait. They wait for the perfect moment to arrive, they wait for the right time or the right opportunity. Sometimes, this wait is justified but a lot of times people just wait out of procrastination. When you keep delaying your action, you also keep delaying your motivation. Motivation may or may not come to you, but you can always make it come to you. Start your work and you will see the change.

3. Break the Tasks

We set our goals too high when we are feeling good and motivated and big dreams are a sign of people who can actually accomplish them but for most of the people, these big goals also become scary and haunting when they are feeling low and out not so much motivated. So break down the tasks into small segments and focus on achieving them with greater accuracy and then plan ahead. Don’t plan for the year or the month ahead but only for the week.

4.Break even More

If you feel like that even planning a week is making you lose track or that you are still not able to follow what you planned then break it down to even smaller chunks. Plan only for the next 3-4 days or you can even start by planning only for the next day.

5. Eliminate unnecessary barriers

Count everything as a distraction that is coming in your way and is stopping you from achieving your goal. It can be social media, your phone, computer, pet, parents, siblings, your laziness, etc. All of these things eat up your time and also keep you away from completing your work by distracting you again and again.

6. Ask your partner

You can do this exercise with your partner. Ask him or her to remind you get back on track whenever you get distracted by someone or something. Doing it on your own will take some practice so till then you can ask your partner or your friend, whoever lives close to you, to help you stay on the track.

7. Read

Read biographies and autobiographies of people who have been too successful or failed too hard. It will help you to gain some motivation and even direction. Learning from other’s mistakes and avoiding them is something that you can do and it would be crucial for your success.

8. Find Catalysts

In many studies conducted over motivation and enthusiasm in business it was found out that workers performed way better when they are put under suitable conditions instead of pressure. Suitable conditions were ample light during work, ample space, cleanliness, enthusiastic staff and even music. If you are working on something that needs to be done quickly, play any fast music that gets you moving and see the change.

9. Stay Away

From things that make you feel down, from people that hold you back, from feelings that are just sad and negative. To bring out that enthusiasm, you will have to cast aside any kind of negativity that is being thrown at you. Now it can be from your teachers, friends, colleagues, partner, yourself, past memories, etc. Don’t accept them. Neither people understand you entirely nor they are correct about you.

10. Don’t Stop

This is the most crucial step and part of the process. You will have to continue to make plans and continue sticking to them. From casting barriers aside to staying positive, you must remember that the process is a continuous one and there is no backing out. So stay positive and keep hustling.