Ways to Move Your Stuff

Moving to a new location can get pretty expensive if you have to hire a moving truck. Depending on how much stuff you have and how far you’re going, it can be accomplished in many other ways. Before calling the movers, take a look at Office removals Sydney and see if there’s a better way to accomplish this daunting task.

  1. Trailer – The first thing I would do is locate a trailer to use. You can rent one, of course, but ask around and see if someone you know has one you can borrow. If you have a lot to move, especially if you could possibly save money by purchasing a trailer. Enclosed trailers can be used for extra storage even after the move or you can sell it to someone else.
  2. Pickup – If you don’t own a pickup, you probably know someone who does. This is the most common method of moving stuff. Just make sure everything is securely fastened down before heading out on the highway.
  3. Van – If you don’t have access to a trailer or pickup, a van would be the next best thing. Depending on the size of the van, you might be somewhat limited on larger items like appliances, but for smaller furniture and the rest of your junk, it just might work.
  4. Your car – You’d be amazed how much stuff you can actually cram into an average sized car. It might take you a few trips, but for short moves without a lot of furniture, it can be done.
  5. Storage units – Portable storage units can be the way to go. They drop the unit off at your location and you can pack it yourself. This would work especially well for a situation where you have to move out before you can move into your new place.
  6. Ship it – If you don’t have any furniture or large items to move, you may want to just pack it up and ship it. Be careful to compare the cost to any of your other alternatives first.
  7. Friends – When moving time comes, you can always count on your friends to pitch in and help. By pooling their resources you might be able to get all your stuff moved without renting anything. Make sure you treat them right and throw a party when you’re done or you may find yourself friendless afterward.
  8. Anything with wheels – For short distances like just next door or down the block, start looking around for anything with wheels. Pallet jacks, two-wheel carts, wagons, and furniture dollies can all be used to move your stuff from one point to another.
  9. Carry it – If you’re just moving down the hall or across the street, a strong back may be all you need. For heavier items you may need a few strong backs. You might want to treat yourself and friends to a good massage afterward.
  10. RV – If you or someone you know has an RV this could be another option. You can load up all your stuff and hit the road. Then you have a place to stay while you get everything unpacked in your new home.

I don’t know anyone who thinks moving is fun, but you can save cash by doing it yourself. Instead of trusting your possessions to strangers who may not care about it like you do, take a look at your other options. With a little ingenuity you could be surprised at what you can accomplish with just a little help from your friends.


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