There are times when success eludes us, leaving us to feel dejected and disappointed. After all, life is a series of highs and lows. So, when life hits you hard and you see yourself stuck, not being able to perform to the best of your abilities, here are 10 ways on how to combat that and come back with vigor and renewed zeal to make it happen, no matter what!

Perseverance is the key:

“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” Adhere to the tagline of Nike: Do It. That’s only possible if you inculcate a never-say-die attitude and keep striving towards success until you achieve your goal. If you have started something, you must see it through, no matter how many challenges you are put through. Use them as your motivation, and know that you are stronger than you believe. Push your limits as hard as you can. Do everything you can to make it work, and it WILL work.

A firm belief in oneself:

Working hard is important for things to work out, but there is something that matters even more; believing in yourself. Never lose hope. Have unwavering faith in your idea and your abilities. Never let the negativity of others get the better of you, and don’t ever be bogged down by criticism. Learn to take criticism constructively. If you believe it will work, it will. If you believe it won’t, then it won’t. It’s as simple as that.

Know that this phase is temporary:

“After darkness, there always comes light, but we must wait to see it.” Know that it’s just a bad phase that will soon be over. It’s essential to be patient enough to let things take their course and let you pave your way towards achievement. If you are moving through hell, keep moving until you get the hell out of it!

Read motivational biographies:

When you feel low and clueless, it’s a great help to read about the people who inspire you. Read the biographies or the autobiographies of great personalities. You will get to know how they handled the bad phases and the negativity in their life. The great inventor Thomas Alva Edison also didn’t get it right the first time! In his own words: “I have not failed; I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Change the approach:

Keep glued to your goal; change the approach, though. If a certain way is not working, analyze it and work on it. Modify it or think of a new way to do it.


Empires need time to flourish. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” All good things take time. Build a strong foundation. The rest will follow, gradually.


It’s important to take some alone time for oneself. Meditation works wonders. It calms the mind, increases concentration and focus.

Motivate your team:

Having a motivated team is extremely important because that’s where all the ideas and work come from. Keep pepping up your team and have occasional light banters with them. Acknowledge their efforts and inspire them to keep pushing their limits.


Spending time with your loved ones can prove out to be a great stress buster. Share your problems and fears with them. Ask your parents about their experiences in life and how they tackled difficult situations. Having support from family and knowing that someone is there keeps you mentally sound and away from negative thoughts.

Make optimism your nature:

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to keep a smiling face, but be optimistic about the future and keep putting your best foot forward at the task at hand. Don’t let negativity get the better of you. Steer clear from it. Having a positive reaffirmation from your own self will help you sail through all the problems confronting you.

Put up a positive quote in your room:

Put up your favorite quote that motivates you and pushes you forward. Ensure that you don’t clutter your room with many quotes, as it will decrease the essence and importance of putting one in the first place altogether. If you have a single quote, then working and focusing on it becomes easier and efficient.