stop Worry and Stressful thoughts

Worry is like a Rocking Chair – giving us something to do, but not getting us anywhere. It robs us of the present. We don’t live in the moment but worry. It then starts to age us and we lack zest for life.
So, without further ado, let me share some ways you can stop worrying, that has also been helpful to me. Enjoy.

Close the door to Worry and Stressful Thoughts

10 Useful Tips

1) Watch a movie, preferably one that is funny. You’ll be absorbed in it and it takes your mind of thinking. Watch TV. There are so many channels these days. News, music, drama, sports, you name it.

2) Inspirational Music If you are a Christian, listen to xtian audios by various ministers. Faith and fear can’t be in the same place. Faith gets rid of worry and fear.

3) Read a magazine, read a Novel or motivational Book. Search the internet read motivational articles written by very good personal life coaches. Anthony Robbins, Stephen Pierce, there are 100s of them, but those two are my favourite.

4) Listen to music on an Ipod or any other, Sing along if you want to.

5) Write in your Journal – try to remember good things. The fact that you woke up and weren’t taken to hospital in the morning is a good thing. The fact that you didn’t wake up on the street homeless is worth being grateful for too. Write on the internet for money or just for fun.

6) Meditate – What Faith are you? Christian, Muslim? Buddha? Do you practice Yoga?

You will always feel calmer after prayers or meditation. You feel serene and somehow find some inner Strength.

7) Call friends and family those you haven’t heard from in a while or even better – Visit them. Have a nice time. Talk, eat, watch TV or even go out.

8) Plan for your week. Look at your to-do list. What do you need to get ready? What do you need to hand? Work: Are your clothes already? Meeting: are you supposed to print out any docs or read up on some background info. Lunch: Do you take a packed lunch? Do you have kids? If you do, preparing their lunch is enough to take your mind off things for a while and then there are the uniforms etc.

9) Think of how to make someone happy/smile. Do something special for your Other Half, Kids, friends, Colleagues or even strangers. We don’t need to wait before its someone’s birthday before we do something special for them and the feeling we get back in return is priceless.

10) Clean tidy up/ de-clutter the house, the Car, Cupboards, Wardrobes. Its spring – put away the winter wear and get out those lovely summer/spring clothes.

How could you do all this and still worry? It should take your mind off things. I know we have to face our problems. Make notes /action points on what to do and TAKE THE ACTION (sorry for the caps) Get help if need be and be positive about the outcome. Always remember to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Don’t fade away before your time.


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