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Working from home has become more common as the world deals with the ongoing pandemic. People are leaving the traditional eight to twelve-hour shifts at a traditional workplace for working at home. This hasn’t been easy for a majority of the older generations who are set in the routine of leaving home, going to work, and coming home again.  

Productivity has become a major issue amongst those who are working from home for the first time, but that’s not to say veterans don’t have some problems with it as well. Here are a few ways you can boost your productivity while working from home:

Readjust Your Routine

Setting up a new routine doesn’t have to be hard, just readjust some of the things you did before such as mornings — getting dressed, and having breakfast before going off to your new workspace. You don’t have to wear a suit or a uniform anymore, of course. However, you should shower and get out of your sleepwear at the very least. It will help you get into the proper mindset for work. Evenings — put away your work and physically leave your workspace, so your mind has a chance to shift from work to home.

Cut Out Distractions

These are the bane of every work-at-home person, so try this: 

  • Single parents get a sitter for small children or find some creative ways to keep them busy while you work.
  • Set boundaries with all family members including spouse and pets. Fifi and Fluffy will just have to find attention elsewhere, you’re busy.

Get Your Equipment/Tools

Every job requires you to have some sort of equipment or tools to complete your work. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin work so you don’t have to get up before your scheduled break. If you work for a company and not yourself, ask for anything you need that they require you to have, up to and including software, headsets, apps for the phone, and any hardware you might need.

Isolate Your Workplace

Having a place to work can be hard. You have to make sure your things won’t get moved or borrowed. Set up a table away from the rest of the family and make it off-limits. This means you won’t be sharing it with anyone else. Set up in another room and close the door while you’re working so you don’t get disturbed or distracted.

With your entire family home with you, consider going outside the house. This would help you get into the mindset of work, helping you be more productive. Instead of converting the shed, you need for gardening or yard work, think about getting a tiny cabin or home. These small buildings are perfect for home offices, art studios even for running a business out of.

Socialize When Necessary

Socializing at work is part of what makes work bearable, and it’s even more important when you’re working out of your home. Make time to spend with friends and family, especially if you’re single or a single parent. Having other adults to talk to really helps ease the stress and make things easier. Mental health is a big issue with everyone so reaching out, whether by text, video, or the phone, will help you keep your balance. Make sure your friends know when you’re working so they don’t call, text, video, or simply drop by and ruin your flow.

Connect with Teammates

This is different from socializing as it pertains to your co-workers and teammates at your job.  Remote workers know how necessary it is to connect. Make sure you get in touch with your boss or teammates when you need something work-related. Keep a contact list close at hand so you can refer to it instead of wasting time trying to remember a number or email address.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Does this bring to mind people on treadmills talking business on their phone? Staying healthy will help your productivity because you won’t be distracted by feeling bad. Get up and get some fresh air from time to time. Taking a break is a good thing. Look up from your computer and focus on something else for about 20 minutes. This will help with eye strain and fatigue.

Prioritize Work Time

Make sure you schedule your day to keep things organized. Forgetting something important can adversely affect your work.

Downtime Can Be Good

You must make time to rest and relax. Stress and fatigue can make it hard to focus on work.

Balance is Key

Working from home is a balancing act between family and work, and it can be hard. Communicate with everyone involved so everyone is on the same page. Establish boundaries with family and work, and don’t interfere one with the other.

Working from home can be a great experience. It just takes some planning, some understanding, and a lot of work.


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