So, your friend is about to get married, and you and other mutual friends decide to throw her a bridal shower party. You obviously cannot go to a bridal shower party empty-handed. 

This is the time to shower your good friend with thoughtful and meaningful gifts. You want to come up with a gift which is useful, thoughtful and shows how much you love your friend. 

Bridal shower gifts are not the most natural gifts to get, especially if you are not used to such events. Well, to help you out, below are some great bridal shower gifts that you can consider:

Wedding tea

Does your friend love tea? If yes, then a cup of excellent wedding tea would help to get her relaxed before heading down the aisle. That will be a great way of showing your girlfriend that you care about her.

French lingerie

Your friend will be embarking on a new stage of life after tying the knot. What better way to reflect that than buying her a set Simone French Lingerie as a bridal shower gift. 

However, be sure about the bride’s size before buying the French lingerie to avoid disappointments. Also, consider the purpose for which you are buying the lingerie.

Is it for everyday wear or for that special occasion? Either way, she will be delighted with this gift.

 Skincare kit

This is a personal gift, as we all have different skin types. Your girlfriend will need some glow and makeup on her wedding day. 

Make sure to get her a high-quality makeup kit from a reputable brand, and that matches her skin tone. If you are not sure of her type, then consider a makeover as a gift with a qualified makeup artist.

A photo frame

There is always that one photo that both you and the bride treasure so much. Gift your girlfriend a high-end photo frame with a photo of your friend group in it. What a memorable gift.

 A bottle wine box

After the wedding, your friend and her new husband will have many other anniversaries to celebrate. 

Get her a bottle wine box with maybe three compartments. Fill every compartment with a special bottle of wine, one each for every year.

A honeymoon sweatshirt

A honeymoon focused gift is among the least expected bridal shower gifts, and it will be appreciated very much. 

Equip your girl with a comfortable sweatshirt to wear on the way to her honeymoon destination. You can have it custom designed tailored to your friends taste.

Thumbprint guest book

Every wedding ought to have a wedding book. Well, the signature book is somehow a bit monotonous. Gift your girlfriend a thumbprint guest book to help her commemorate the guests at her wedding.

A personalised hanger

Your friend does not need to hang her wedding dress on an old hanger. The personalised hanger will not only be used on the wedding day but also after the wedding to commemorate the special day.

A cookbook

The bride-to-be has to be equipped on her wifely duties after getting married. Get her a cookbook that can help both her and the new husband make great meals together. 

To make it a personal gift, ask the brides family and friends to contribute recipes and design a cookbook using all the recipes you are given.

Get people to write little messages with the recipes. I had such a book made for me, and it was a beautiful gift to receive as you look through all the lovely messages and recipes. I have used these personal recipes over and over.


The bride-to-be will need to be glammed up before walking down the aisle. She will not want to be in her wedding dress during the morning glam session. 

Do not let your girlfriend wear one of her old robes on her special day. Gift her a special getting-ready-robe for the day.

Coffee gift basket

Your friend and the new husband-to-be will spend almost every morning having coffee together. Treat the couple with a variety of unique coffees. 

You can also include other goodies such as snacks in the basket. She will, for sure, appreciate such a gift.

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